Water purification products finally have a benchmark for the

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   to open the electricity suppliers web page, into the appliance store, an array of products so that consumers pick dazzled, then shop around to buy a home only to find "good product" just blowing good, do good advertising. For ordinary consumers, to buy affordable and excellent quality products really is luck, and that the difference between a good product and what is the general product? There is no quality difference between good way to identify products?

   [ 123] 鍥剧墖1 with the release of a + certified products, consumers buy "high quality" home appliances finally have a benchmark. December 28, 2016 A + performance advantages official product launch in the category of the washing machine, Skyworth, Samsung and other five brands of products eligible for A + certification, Lake, Honeywell and other four brands of air purifiers eligible for A + certification, family pleasure, beauty, and other eight brands Angel water purifier products of a + certification. The pursuit of high-quality international consumers can look for the A + certification logo, you can enjoy with international standards of high quality of life.

鍑€姘村櫒浜у搧缁堜簬鏈夋爣鏉嗕簡锛丄+璁よ瘉鍛婅瘔浣犳湁鍝簺楂樼浜у搧 than to buy water purifier consumers are most concerned about its water effect, which is mainly reflected in the cumulative net water purifier and lead, arsenic (pentavalent), chloroform , the removal of benzene, iron, nitrate, chlorine and E. coli. China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo said that all certified products are national standards and "electrical product performance certification rules" through a national third-party laboratories China Household Electrical Appliances detection is based strictly tested test results data reached the international advanced level, another by product certification and supervision, the inspection and measurement to ensure consistent product delivery in the normal production process prototype.

鍑€姘村櫒浜у搧缁堜簬鏈夋爣鏉嗕簡锛丄+璁よ瘉鍛婅瘔浣犳湁鍝簺楂樼浜у搧 easy to understand a little of that as long as the sights A + certified products, you can not be wrong. Because the performance of A + certification is aimed at high-end appliance European standard-setting quantitative targets, it will end the concept of high-end home appliances hype, but also consumers a plainly.

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