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  Water purifier water purifier manufacturers to share three maintenance tips Published: at 15:52 on February 11, 2017 Hits: 22

lasting, healthy every family to use water purifier main expectations, but most things there are a certain number of years of use. Water purifier manufacturers charm still tell you that water purifier can achieve the effect of prolonging life through effective maintenance.






a, to replace the filter, then no matter how expensive a water purifier, which is also a life of the filter. Different models, different water purifier different manufacturers, there are differences in the replacement cycle, is typically replaced in accordance with the instructions on the product cycle.


Second, avoid hot areas, household water purifiers and most consistent product, afraid of high temperature, try to bypass the coal fire area, avoiding exposure zones, if the long-term high-temperature environment, the plastic component may vary high temperature deformation and other failures, life is not long initiator purifiers or water leakage.


Third, avoid the wind and rain the sun, no matter what device, wind and rain the sun go down, sooner or later scrapped, technicians also suggest avoiding sunlight; otherwise the long-term effect will lead to the breeding of algae near the water or equipment plant. Sunny place with nothing blocking it, cover it and other methods.


acquire the above three techniques, coupled with the maintenance of your love, so household water purifiers will greatly extend life expectancy, the water quality will be better protected. A



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