Tap water harmful to the body right base

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   tap water on the base body has also yet? First to tell you that the so-called too alkaline is not correct, you are seeing the water after burning white precipitate much, right? That is the scale of hardness in water quality caused. Is there a basic, make your own with a PH test strips will know, as long as no more than 8.5 to ergonomic standards for drinking water, and alkaline water is more conducive to health. Then on the next.


can be said that very few people directly drink tap water because tap water delivered to belong to the family after the raw water, raw water which will contain some chlorine and organic matter interactions cause harm to humans, so it was safe to drink tap water how ? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point to drink tap water at home can direct you, the home base of the water body has also yet? Then say to the next drink tap water due to an injury to all.


1. Chlorine in tap water can not boil water and residual organic matter interaction, leading to bladder cancer, colorectal cancer increases opportunities. Boil 3 minutes of boiling water, and chlorine can make the water evaporate some of the harmful substances, while preserving the nutrients essential for water.


2. The raw water inside the bacteria, drinking unboiled water predisposed to the disease day without water, chlorine in tap water and other harmful substances are absorbed and precipitated human skin, will result in a long time all kinds of damage to the skin, plus the chemical composition of various types of chemical reactions in cosmetic skin settle down with chlorine from happening again, so that is no good to make cosmetic effect may also play again hurt our skin.


is not hard carbonates, but contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium ions, the cations in the form of ions present in water, corresponding to a HCO3-anion (bicarbonate) CL- (chloride) by SO42- (sulfate). Hard water is not necessarily alkaline. If it contains more chlorine, sulfur and other elements, it may be acidic. This is generally a permanent hard water hard water, can be treated as domestic water after. Root chloride and sulfate ions contained in the tap water is generally less to bicarbonate-based, such water weakly alkaline, rather than acidic. After the calcium and magnesium ions by heating it will settle down, become soft.


a change cleanser brands to find their own kind of feeling.


Second, wash your face with cold water (at least you can solve the psychologicalProblem) can solve the problem of too many minerals in the water.


Third, a pail of water, after standing overnight wash, you can minimize the minerals in the water


on small series to the above introduction, we hope to help a bit, more families drinking little knowledge, so stay tuned this site.




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