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   I am in Shenzhen, a salary earners, form, color rush shuttle every day in this city full of dreams, the way of pedestrians and all kinds of views, with my oldest than most bus and subway, the subway phrase " MTR Shenzhen remind you, cease to bow to family, "I remember, I wanted to MTRs intention is for everyone to point away from the phone, and more emphasis on interpersonal communication, at least on this train. But this statement does not play a big effect, because I know that I am also a mobile phone overuse on the subway, most people are playing mobile phone, which undoubtedly does not explain it is the mobile Internet has brought a chain reaction, all the more We wish to adopt smart phones, mobile Internet social networking to communicate.


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   the era of intelligent smart home water purifier

   the mobile Internet era, intelligent sought after by many people with, love with. I was no exception. Drifting wandering in Shenzhen, the most comforting fact is that after their work every day, return to a warm home is the best place to own one day fatigue can release, I have been very love of smart home, although is rented out to others house, but I want to be able to live their favorite way of life, a warm house, which has a warm bed, a lovely man child, Zhang Mingliang a table, a kitchen, a smart water purifier, the ultimate life this is what I want a warm, intelligent life, intelligent Hong Yi River water purifier join hotline: 400-1069-193.

   Why need a smart home water purifier? Because now is the era of rapid economic development of intelligent, mobile, Internet-based, peoples health, more and more attention to health, healthy drinking water can not be ignored . We know that "although the water plant out of the tap water is usually acceptable, but the conventional water treatment processes have their limitations, can not achieve the standard drink straight." Yi Xiang explained: "The water plant is in use 100 years of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, conventional chlorination of drinking water treatment process step four. However, when raw water containing organic pollution, after chlorination, but may be derived by-product such as trihalomethane disinfection, harm to human health. Further, in tap water there is also other chemical contaminants difficult to eliminate. "to be able to drink the relative ease of water, tap water must be filtered with water to drink straight, in order to ensure peoples health.


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   intelligent water purifier to achieve a machine in hand, worry-free drinking water

   As people upgrade to the health needs of drinking water, as the economy, the development of mobile Internet, smart water purifier has became mandatory household appliances, Hong Yi River water purifier not only automates the operation of the system, it can also be intelligently controlled independently, making the operation more simple and convenient. Hong Yi whole system of household water purifiers are run automatically, various internal parameters and settings are set to Yes, users do not need to operate in use, just use the phone you can always App-- Yi Xiang anywhere to monitor changes in water quality and the health of the, if you encounter a fault condition or need to change the filter, etc., phone in hand, Yi Hong App is turned on, the system will be sent to the service through the App background cloud data, and then arrange after-sales staff that is It can be maintained, convenient, safe and simple. To you to create a healthy, quiet and intelligent life.

   the importance of

   intelligent water purifier

   70% of the adult part of the body consists of water, water in children, compared with 80%, the proportion of water in brain tissue also 80% the blood of water is as high as 90%, and even bones also have about 15% water. Water is the main source of human body fluids, it has balanced body temperature, to ensure the normal metabolism of the major functions of each individual demand for water is so great for our water planet, there must be a sense of protection, it is necessary to drink pure health of water, in order to make our body more healthy. An intelligent water purifier, a glass of healthy water!

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