(Video report) unopened bottled water discovertwo spids

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  Usually there are a lot of easy-going owner will take the gift with the goods to the buyer some small gifts from twelve to a shallot tryout samples are alone has a woman at the time of purchase of bottled water



   usually there are a lot of easy-going owner

   will take the gift with the goods some small gifts to buyers

   from twelve onion to try product samples are alone

   recently, a Ms. name when buying bottled water

   also received a special "gifts"

   this "gift" was very creepy

   because "gifts "Yes

   two spiders!


   stamp watch video news content 鈻?

   to see the video, a body which is not a small spider inside the barrel of pure water is the water struggling struggled


   Xiao Bian remind you to buy the main form good habits


   If there is a problem

   purchased [ 123] must remain intact

   If you tear the label or seal affixed

   because once a problem

   is really a fair hearing of the

   consequences could bottled water is not just a question

   is also a business trust issues

   If we water for convenient, safe, healthy household water purification machines can be installed.

   Although bottled water are also health standards, but in the transport process may exist secondary pollution. And a bucket of bottled water in unsealed, it is best to drink finished within 3 days, or else the bacteria multiply rapidly, affecting health. Not only that, "Bottled drinking water +" consumption patterns, the machine will repeat boil water to form thousands of boiling water, but also power. frequencyNumerous reports of non-compliance of bottled water, sanitation news is endless, difficult to control.


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