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   to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party of nineteen, meet Paralympic Winter Games, helping the disabled into the grassroots level to promote, implement the "National Fitness" campaign. January 9, the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation join hands Amway (China) Commodity Co., Ltd. in Beijing Amway museum held a "champion refueling 途 Amway peer" into the community spirit of the Paralympic theme of public launch event. At the same time, "Anli Yi family" public service announcement was officially launched.

   According to the Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Welfare Fund for the Handicapped Cao introduction, the overall deployment of this public service activities are as follows: In the year 2018, Paralympic champion and fitness coaches will enter Beijing with a number of community, in conjunction with the community their own advantages and characteristics, to carry out a personal project propaganda preaching Paralympic winter Games, athletes with disabilities, human physical monitoring of the movement of small group lessons, and then promote the concept of public service in helping the disabled.


   on the event, city group director of Amway Beijing Fu Li Yuan describes the Amway Beijing Volunteers Association 14 years of major work done by the disabled aspect to the leaders and guests, and said: hope by "champion refueling 途 Amway peer" theme of the Paralympic spirit into the community welfare activities promote the Paralympic spirit and spread the spirit of volunteerism and disabled ideas, and create a healthy living ideas and good atmosphere for the whole volunteer helping the disabled community to do business a little of force.


   鈻?Amway donated to the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation

   event, Paralympic champion and fitness coach jointly formulated by the five rings of the Olympic Games color creative with protein powder and fruits and vegetables of different colors to make the "champion nutritious breakfast drink protein" can appeal to everyone in the busy work, pay attention to their bodies, health, and reasonable arrangements diet.


   Finally, the leadership of the organizers and guests presented the letter of appointment to five activities and five Paralympic champion trainer.


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