Walter purifier to carry out charitable activities in lge To

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  Walter purifier to carry out charitable activities in the Town of publishing site: Published: 2018-04-28

In order to improve large Town of drinking water quality, drinking water conditions improve some vulnerable groups, Shenzhen City Walter Technology Co., Ltd. and the town of joint "water purification Huimin health and love" charitable activities, canteen, town homes for the elderly, the Home Office the town, the village (neighborhood) committees and other units donated to the town government Waters Seoul brand water purifier.


January 25, 2018 morning, the town government in the second floor conference room, Shenzhen Walter held water purifier love projects that benefit the launching ceremony of the donation, the site donated 20 water purifiers, valued at 59,960 yuan . Donated water purifier can convert ordinary water into drinking water sanitation, drinking water and kitchen can solve family safe drinking water daily.


The charitable activities designed to enhance the general publics attention on the safety of drinking water, guide public scientific understanding and treatment of drinking water health and safety questions correctly to ensure safe drinking water and public health. See related content: http: //

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