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  Water purifiers really work?

   increased water pollution, gave birth to the water appliance industry, so that the water purifier has become the hottest topic in recent years. With the increasing emphasis on health, while the water purifier is rapidly to millions of households, but also a group of people on the water purifier doubts. Water purifier is really useful, or just a bowl of Chicken Soup for the comfort of our living environment pollution, so Xiaobian specially on this issue was analyzed in all aspects, to facilitate want to buy a water purifier has a reference.

   The main water purification techniques described

   There are currently on the market the more common RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration UF.

   RO reverse osmosis technology:

   in the high concentration side of the pressurized water to a moisture forced through the RO membrane to low concentrations from the high concentration side, so as to achieve the purpose of purification water . Since the aperture of the RO membrane is a hair five millionths (0.0001 microns), generally can not see them, bacteria, viruses, it is 5000 times, so that only part of the water molecules and ions minerals beneficial to human body through, heavy metals and other impurities by waste water discharge pipe, all desalination processes, wastewater recycling and astronauts are using this method, and therefore also known as the RO membrane in vitro tech artificial kidney.

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   the UF Ultrafiltration:

   at a certain pressure, when the liquid flows through the membrane surface, the surface membrane of many small clouds of water and small pores allow only molecules become permeate object, the pore size of the material of the film surface is greater than the volume of the stock solution were trapped in the inlet side of the membrane, it becomes concentrated liquid, thus achieving the purification of the liquid, by the separation and concentration. About per meter length yarn membrane wall 6000000000 0.01 micron pore, the smallest bacteria are more than 0.02 m, bacteria, and thus much greater than the volume of the colloid bacteria, rust, suspended solids, sediment, organic molecules and so can be trapped down the membrane, in order to achieve a purification process.

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   [Chinese] extent of water pollution which reached

   According to Chinas State Environmental Protection Administration issued the environmental quality bulletin, the countrys seven major river systems, in addition to the good of the Pearl River, the Yangtze River water quality, Liaohe, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Songhua River water quality is poor, serious pollution of the Haihe River. Rivers, lakes and groundwater contamination suffered a direct impact on drinking water sources, weDrinking water, more than 50% is unsafe. At present my countrys rural areas are about 190 million people substances in drinking water harmful exceeded, concentrated in urban sewage discharge, water purification capacity beyond the grave, there is a water shortage problem in many cities. Chinese water pollution accidents from more than 1,700 a year, Songhua River pollution incident a few years ago, the Pearl River Beijiang cadmium pollution incident, Tuojiang pollution incidents and other major pollution incidents, resulting in very serious impact on the national and international.


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