Water pollution is really shocking houseld water purifis do

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   I know almost before seen in an article on "China now has a much stronger" this post, deep emotion, I sigh with China only 30 years to complete the speed of other countries for hundreds of years to complete the task! this is not just us now the worlds second largest economy, but of the whole world only two industrial system power. However, everything has two sides, in a sound industrial system is behind a lot of environmental pollution, especially water pollution!

   According to the latest data show that China has nearly half of the water resources of rivers and lakes has been severely pollution, even once a "cancer village"! authorities on the water quality of 118 cities carry out random testing, found that nearly 60 percent of urban groundwater have been polluted, nearly 30% of groundwater was contaminated! really can water pollution with "shocking" to describe it in this case, how can we do it? really still feel an option to install home water purifier it?

   Shenzhen Hua Kang water purification Technology Co., Ltd. official said that the current number of domestic use water purifier is not a lot, most people still disagree on water purifiers, water purifiers domestic household penetration rate of only 5%. Contrast to Europe, Japan and South Korea is the penetration rate of nearly 70%, our development is relatively backward. ! But from another side, domestic water purifier market is still very promising, then, why the attitude of all household water purifiers do so dispensable main reasons the following three aspects:?

   1, drinking habits differentiation

   European and American developed countries, the number of years of habit is a direct drink unboiled water, while Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. Market research found that customers come you give him a glass of purified water, basically less likely to drink, for the simple reason that you do not trust the water, if it is a cup of bottled water or tap water Shao open or a cup tea, then it would be no problem.

   2, consumer awareness confused

   Although there are more and more people are concerned about water purification equipment, but on the whole, people overall consumer awareness of water purification products still exist cognitive fuzzy stage. The current water purifier market situation there is consumer demand but none can really meet the requirements.

   3, water purification technology is relatively backward

   Although my countrys water purifier manufacturers has exceeded 3000, but the majority of businessesTechnology is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capability to fully master the core technology of manufacturing enterprises too little. And Bottled Water Development For decades, the technology is mature, reliable health security, public trust, is the solution of choice for safe drinking, water purifier market share for domestic manufacturers to catch up.

   tap water is not clean, household water purifiers necessary!

   However, recall, again without water when the water is not blood-red blood-red, and the rural feeling of being inside mix the river! in fact, later without water, when the water again, the water flow out of the tap there is a lot of sand, rust, water is yellow. This time, we put all turn on the water, turn on the water have been. Into the flow out of the water looks clean, no sand, no rust, and water is not yellow, and become shining white, so we started with a bold.

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   we feel that this backwater finally clean! However, very few people thought, this is really clean it? Because we just do not see why they felt very clean, and in fact it unclean, because the water has been flowing. Very fine sediment we can not see, still without water when the water, sediment and rust also settle down, and again when a water sediment red rust on the whole of it, this time we saw! [123 ] good

   home water purifier what brand? - M option is to choose quality!

   with the development of water purifier brand industry, Hua Kang water purifier excellent technology and quality has become a water purifier industry benchmark for high-end brand model, as the water purification industry leading brand, since - M "RO reverse osmosis membrane" products available, has been favored by consumers, Kang Hua always adhere to advocate refined, quality, comfort, environmental protection military quality. As a 17-year cultivating brand, while Kang Hua to invest R & D innovation, quality, style, workmanship, details and so on, strictly control the quality of each water purifier, a unique achievement brand value.

   - M as a high-quality water purification experts, after the precipitation of time, years of baptism, as early as in the minds of consumers already have a good brand and quality reputation. In China, Hua Kang water purifiers to address the drinking water needs of Chinese families, small whole house purification, to large schools, projects and enterprises. Waldorf Kangchuan Cheng and promote the "start everything from the service", are strict in every aspect of the production of high-quality water purification products, To create a "has - M, drink more healthy" brand identity.

   shocking water pollution, household water purifiers really an option right? As mentioned above, we have reasons for domestic consumers of household water purifier is not a cold place undue reliance on large proportion of bottled water . But in fact, in the absence of the unsealing bottled water, it is in line with a standard drink straight, but the shelf life of the bottled water after opening the lid only 48 hours per 1 liter of water from the tank, must be 1 liter volume of air entrains dust and bacteria into the bucket, after a few hours, to a certain temperature and environment suitable for bacteria may breed again, the bacteria will be exceeded more than three days but often the reality we often use a bucket of bottled water more than a week! so, bottled water we did not imagine so clean!

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