To-door selling water purifiers careful this ia hoax

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   "someone posing Water Group staff in the selling water purifiers, please pay attention." Yesterday, the reporter received Yueqing City Water Supply Group Office of the person in charge of the call, hoping reminder to the general public.


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   The responsible person, recently celebrated man driving a small pickup truck painted with yellow "water recovery vehicle" logo into the Wild Goose Town, Central Village, and claiming to be city water supply Group staff, lied to water pollution, the villagers requested price of 3,000 yuan to install a water purifier.

   Fortunately, alert the villagers, promptly contact Jing Yan waterworks staff to see through the scam.

   In fact, this is not the first time crooks posing as the relevant departments to promote their products to the public. Earlier this year, the Municipal Water Supply Group staff to see parts of the city on billboards cell, a self-proclaimed notice "Wenzhou City purification plant installations", known as secondary prevention of water pollution, where people need to purchase the appropriate register purification equipment.

   "But then, through our staff inquiries, there is no such department Wenzhou City purification plant installations." Yueqing City Water Supply Group official said, the water situation Yueqing in line with national standards, if there is a similar information, relevant departments will spread through the official micro-channel platform and authoritative media organizations. Citizens in the face of such a situation, to be rational thinking, do not be deceived!

  -to-door selling water purifiers, be careful this is a hoax!

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