Watching American style all their own water purifi guard you

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  With the development of society, environmental problems intensified. Recently, Chai Jing own expense haze documentary one million shot - "under the dome", attracted enthusiastic responses of the whole society. Faced with these ubiquitous haze, hidden health threat to drinking water, we can not help thinking that this society now is how, when we were little blue sky it? Pick up a sweet spring water will be able to drink it? [123 ] is it a good breath of air, drink good water has become out of reach yet? no, resolutely guarding the US water purifier wishes you a good drink of water!

   Watch water quality problems, see the health risks

   water is essential to our important matter, peoples daily lives will drink per day, which accounts for 70% of human tissue. For this reason, for the body to add enough water to ensure good health. However, the reality gave people opened a "joke", drink plenty of water will not affect their health, normal or drink will affect their health.

   Do not think this is intimidation. Now, despite national attention to water quality, but also continue to introduce relevant measures to rectify this, but peoples daily water consumption is difficult to get a real strong protection. According to 2014 data released by the Ministry of Supervision and the Ministry of Water Resources, in recent years, my countrys water pollution incident in more than a year since 1700. Water Source 11% non-compliance reservoir, lake water from about 70% non-compliance, ground water from about 60% non-compliance. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection released in March 2014, "Research Report Chinese population behavior patterns of environmental exposure" that the nation of 2.8 billion people use unsafe drinking water.

   water security has become so "fragile", in everyday life How do we bring water for daily life to avoid health risks? Look beautiful water purifier style all their own.

   at home to enjoy good water, beautiful water purifier for you to create good fresh water

   In the last few years time, the US water purifier to grow as a handful of domestic net water equipment "everyone" by more and more consumers. To ask the United States to offer what water purifier, the core technology is the key!

   In order to make the health of consumers of drinking water problems more secure, industry-leading US water purifier using five filters. The first stage is a T-shaped progressive PP cotton filter, which can effectively remove rust, sand and other objects naked eye; the second stage filter is a honeycomb granular activated carbon filter, effectively absorb chlorine, colloids, odor removal heterochromatic; Third level for ultra-fine fibrous activated carbon filter, further adsorption of color, odor, chlorine and some organic matter, improvement of taste; fourth and fifth stages of reverse osmosis membrane Dow the RO, to completely remove bacteria , viruses, water, alkali, heavy metal contamination, chemical contamination to the economies of other organic, inorganic impurities, so that the water does not completely scale.

   In general, water purifier, after a few years, need to be replaced in order to protect the health of fresh water. US water purifier using third-generation ONE-TOUCH integrated filters, filter removal easier, which will help replace. It is worth mentioning is that the US policy to implement water purifier filter replacement every two years for free, in order to ensure the health of consumers of drinking water.

   In order to give consumers even more than the memory of a good clean fresh water, water purifier US will continue to work hard.

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