The impact of sulfate in drinkg water on humahealth

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sulfate naturally in a variety of mineral material and having a commercial use (mainly for the chemical industry). Sulfates and industrial waste deposited in the form of atmospheric emissions into the water, but the highest levels normally present in groundwater sulfates, and from natural. General daily from drinking water, air and food intake daily average sulfate is about 500mg, food is the main source. However, the region containing high levels of sulfate in the water source of drinking water, drinking water can be a major source of ingested sulfate.


can not be determined prior information can produce drinking water Oh sulfate levels of adverse health effects on the human body, and volunteer study Experimental data given liquid feed piglets tap water showed that when the concentration of sulfate 1000 ~ 1200mg / L to produce a laxative effect when, but diarrhea, dehydration and weight loss or the number of the number of animals does not increase.


Sulfate in Drinking Water concentration is too high, the water heater and boiler fouling and easy to produce poor water taste. When the sulfate concentration of 300 ~ 400mg / L, most began perceive flavored drink. There when diarrhea induced when magnesium ions or sodium ions, sulfate than 250mg / L. The sensitivity drinkers taste, the taste threshold of 400 ~ 1000mg / L. WHO-based taste considerations, drinking water sulfates control value 400mg / L. When


sulfate than 750mg / L, has the effect of mild diarrhea. Sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate are sequentially 237,370 and taste threshold concentration 419mg / L (in terms sulfate). Therefore, a predetermined content of sulfate Sulfate of not more than 250mg / L.


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