Shenzhen City Council released t 10 comparative test results

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In order to understand the different types, different brands of water purifiers purification ability of consumers to provide consumer guidance, Shenzhen City Council to buy the fourth quarter of 2014, selling 10 water purifier. Analog ordinary consumer habits, the initial use of the water quality, water quality continued use for some time, cost and other items of concern to consumers compared test.

   Recently, the comparison test results released by the City Council: 10 models use water purifiers and sustainable use of water quality after a period of time all meet the national standard GB5749-2006 "drinking water health standards" for the first time requirements; cost water purifier different brands of significant differences.

   Quality of all standards are not "more expensive, more clean"

   From the test results, the original tap water and 10 models water purification installation initial effluent (Note: The necessary flushing procedure according to the instructions) Water all meet the requirements of "drinking water health standards," the national standard GB5749-2006. Content is far below the threshold requirements, water purifiers and water quality basic security, you can rest assured purchase.

   At the same time, water purifier month after continued use, water quality is still reliable. The comparative test in a 30-day period is detected using the tracking test purifier installed effluent water quality, respectively, on day 1 (the first time), day 15 (second), 30 days (third times) for all samples of tap water and water sample testing. Not very different results, indicating that the water purifier performance within a set period of a month to detect a more stable, reliable water quality.

   Based on this testing, most of the product must perform well.

   water purifier water machine power low-precision filtration

   According to the test, different brands water purifier cartridge replacement costs and later large difference.

   From the test results, water machine, water purifier advantages and disadvantages. Pure water high filtration precision, most of the substances in water (including harmful and beneficial), allowing only water molecules, while the outlet generally has a double function, and a water purification, generally can filter claims may be straight drink (except Angel sample), but the waste water is about 1: 3 (one liter of purified water to produce about four liters of tap water consumed), low utilization of water, and a small amount of water. Also need power (except Jinliyuan sample).

   In contrast, does not produce waste water purifier, no power, water volume; filtration accuracy, but not as pure water, is relatively weak effect of inorganic salts filtered substance, only a clean water outlet.

   The current mainstream water purifiers on the market there are two categories, one is the use of reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers technology (commonly known as water machine, above all the use of this name), high filtration precision another is the use of activated carbon particles of impurities, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and other art water purifier (water purification, above all the use of this name), the water can be removed;, to remove most of the impurities and harmful chemicals in water , bacteria, colloids, organic molecules and other substances.

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