Patio water purificion experts introduced thin airfoil sies

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   Now, with the gradual lifting of living standards, many parenting families want to give the baby a high-quality living environment for your baby to enjoy healthier, safer and more intimate care. Especially in the babys diet from food supplement machine, juice machine to machine and a series of special baby food appliances readily available and ensure that all your babys diet healthy.

   Water is the source of life, for families, child care, the importance of water even more. After all, the baby growing up, water is an essential element of the supply, the water is clean and safe for healthy growth of babies protective barrier. If long-term consumption of substandard or unsafe water, the babys growth is very unfavorable. Therefore, more and more families will choose to install a water filter at home, to escort wonderful childrens future.


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   The PRC, water purification consumer survey data show that, at present, water purifier filter effects of parenting family product features more points of interest. Compared to the market highly publicized "Baby special mineral water" pure water after the RO reverse osmosis water purifier filter, water quality can be restored to a clean state security, maternal and child population is more suitable for everyday drinking, therefore, with RO water purifier reverse osmosis membrane of choice for maternal and child population.

   for the core pain points of the crowd, domestic water purification experts Patio launch series of new thin wing KRL8808 reverse osmosis water purifier, designed to provide healthy, quality water purification solution for families with children, but also for child care family provides professional childcare "water knowledge" to avoid stepping on "minefield."

   For example, in child-rearing process, many novice parents believe that water contains trace mineral elements for your baby is drinking. In actual fact, the baby intake of minerals and trace elements mainly through breast milk, milk powder and food supplement, but long-term consumption of water containing minerals will increase the burden on the babys kidneys, affecting growth and development.

   and the three core four RO membrane fine filtration technique employed Patio KRL8808, small particles can effectively remove impurities in the water, chlorine, E. coli, heavy metal ions, and chloride wherein for lead, cadmium, removal of arsenic and other heavy metals up to 99%, to ensure that filter out impurities are no pure water, no burden on the body of the baby.


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   Also in the very end of the water, KRL8808 smart faucet is also equipped with LED cold sterilization of purified water is deep-level disinfection, to prevent secondary pollution, so that the baby drink at ease, my mother more at ease.

   In addition, Patio KRL8808 water purifier has further purification + intelligent dual design faucet, water can be directly drink, powdered milk, do food supplement, water for washing & Washing dishes, washing fruit, double the water to meet the water needs of families of different scenarios, the separation of pure and more reasonable.

   in the quality of life of the scene diverse market needs, Patio series of water purification thin airfoil can KRL8808 directed at market segments, providing professional solutions for water purification and quality of child-care group home, the real from the user perspective, to address maternal and child user pain points, so that every child get clean and healthy, so that every family in the future more confident.

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