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   October 12 morning, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province Yushui deputy secretary, mayor Li Hong and his party come home water purifier Dulux Industrial Park visit, and president of the Chamber of Commerce and Ping, chairman of Dulux home Mr. Chen Huidong, Mr. Liu Xiaoping, general manager of joy home, Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman Ping Ni Ruimin and his party secretariat in a meeting.



Xinyu municipal government leadership line with Dulux house, the Chamber of Commerce and his party photo

   Mayor Lee and his party first home of Mr. Chen Huidong Dulux chairman of the leadership to visit water purifier production workshop, finished product warehouse and R & D test center, witnessed family Dulux professional production, R & D and strict quality control, for home Dulux "doing fine with a conscience," the quality of ideas much appreciated.




visitors visited production workshops, laboratories

   Subsequently, Lee Chang line with Dulux home director Mr. Chen Huidong, general manager of Mr. Liu Xiaoping held a cordial meeting. Mr. Chen Huidong and Mr. Liu Xiaoping expressed the warmest welcome to Li mayor of the line. Meanwhile, as Xinyu, Mr. Liu Xiaoping hometown government continued interest in the development of home Dulux express my sincere thanks to the detailed report Dulux home development, social responsibility and influence in the industry such as Li Chang.



Mr. Chen Huidong speech



Mr. Liu Xiaoping introduced Dulux home companies

   Then, participants watched videos row with Ping to the streets, and later Secretary-General Zhang Hua Ping Chamber of Commerce and in detail to the development status Ping Chamber of Commerce member companies and distribution. After



Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Zhang Huajie Shao Overview

   heard a presentation by the Chamber of Commerce and pleasure at home, Mayor Lee said that he was optimistic about the water purification industry prospects for development, the achievements of Mr. Liu Xiaoping as the representative of entrepreneurial venture in Shenzhen Xinyu made very joy and praise, but she also pointed out that in recent years, Xinyu City, is to develop new industries, provides a good environment for investment-related industries and enterprises can be a good spillover undertake Shenzhen industry, the future can look forward to exploring with the home Dulux Ping Chamber of Commerce and out of a more benign togetherFor road and development.



Mayor Lee delivered a speech

   Dulux home water purifier introduction


   Shenzhen Dulux home water purification technology Co., Ltd. is a healthy drinking water purification solutions provider, focused on research and development and production of end water purification technology, which owns independent brand "Calux home pleasure", and was rated as "brand-name products in Guangdong Province in 2017 "!

   Lays home water purifier water purification technology by 10 years of precipitation, water purification together a group of industry experts grade teacher, openness and cooperation, continuous innovation, to create a national CNAS water purification research and development laboratories. So far, Dulux home industry has contributed to the three national invention patents and more than 100 utility model patents, and has become the number of national standards, industry-standard water purifier core areas of the drafting unit.

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