Water purification industry should seize the opportunity to

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   current problem of drinking water has become a major human health invisible killer. Relevant data show that my country has 24 percent of drinking water, poor water quality, the high 30 million people drinking hard water, 50 million people drink high fluoride water. Coupled with pollution and natural underground water quality, drinking water quality is poor populations are also on the rise every year. In the case of short-term water quality problems are not reduced, the installation of water purification products is the safest, fastest effective water solutions. Drinking water safety widespread concern in society and stimulate domestic water purification industry into the high growth period. Market demand for water purification products show explosive growth, water purifiers gradually become like TV, refrigerators, air conditioners same essential household items, and water purification industry has also been described as "twenty-first century home appliance industry, the last piece of cake," "future five years will be formed billions of market size. "

   water purifier market continues to go high and low penetration rate has tremendous untapped market space

   At present there are nearly water purifier production enterprises more than 4,000, of which the vast majority of small and medium sized water purifier brand, large brand marketing highlights the effect has not yet formed. Due to the low barriers to entry on the market of water purification product quality is uneven, marketing and after-sales service channels are not perfect and other issues also restricts the companys market expansion. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association believes that in recent years with the entry of some well-known household electrical appliance enterprises, rely on a strong brand resources and improve the marketing channels for water purification market structure had a profound impact.

   current home water purifier is a key direction of the environmental protection industry, because the profits high, so the fierce competition, the market is chaotic. Water purification industry should seize the opportunity to quickly capture the market, especially the field of electronic business opportunities.

   water purifier B2C electricity providers are now able to develop so well, on the one hand thanks to its great service. Service problem is that people are more concerned about online shopping. The first is to achieve customer returns zero cost to change, sometimes replacement shipping charge may account for a certain percentage of the goods, the customer will consider whether a replacement, which requires the best have their own logistics chain and reduce shipping costs. In terms of product repairs, if it is urban site service, but also allows customers to maintenance point of repair. To ensure mail, phone, site repair smoothly. In short, customers enjoy the service with minimal losses.

   water purification and water purification service quality is important also

   Water PurifierIt is called "water appliances" because it has a majority of products require electricity to work. If it wants to work through electrical product safety performance must be high, not too bad configuration. If you do not pay attention to product quality, we will quickly lose customers and market, based on the brand simply can not survive and develop.

   This is especially true for water purifiers, water purifiers but also because the issue involves a periodic replacement of the filter. Many companies are now direct to distributors or agents when the user point of view, water purifiers they wash their hands once installed. Water purifier manufacturers not only focus on professional products, pay more attention to after-sales service, and distributors hold together for warmth, complete and united distributors, the distributors as our loyal partners, do one to support a maximum reduction of dealer investment risk, and ensure that dealers and users worry-free.

   For service outlets have had no coverage to the area, local agents by customers around the butt, or provide service to users directly via telephone and remote network to solve the problems encountered. At the same time solve the problem, but also continue to meet the needs of new customers.

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