Why join the agency purifier own brand preferences

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  With the development of water purification industry, water purifier manufacturers mushrooming, but manufacturers are not very own factory, their products are OEM OEM production. Refers to a so-called OEM manufacturers request another vendor, for the production of products and accessories, also known as OEM or authorized OEM. To appoint representatives of foreign processing, but also on behalf of subcontract machining, commonly known as processing. OEM is very common in the water purification industry, as an effective means to reduce the cost of a water purifier manufacturers of OEM industry has become a public secret, since it should be able to reduce the cost of a good thing, why not join it? Xiao Bian from a number of growing companies in the history of water purifiers to help you find the answer:


   First, the OEM product quality, but off we all know, third-rate companies make products, second-rate company to do marketing, first-class brand companies do, everyone knows the brand is a part of a long-term development than essential! a lot of water purifier manufacturers are thinking about how to build the brand of the road, however, due to the constraints of many factors of financial, human and environment, resulting in OEM become the choice for these manufacturers, OEM can reduce costs, and in many areas, water purifier manufacturers to make single-minded to do investment, it appears to be excellent, but do not forget, a good brand is supported by a good product, a water purifier OEM product itself is no advantage, not to mention quality OEM products are recognized industry is the worst, the manufacturers how to take the long-term? manufacturers do not go long-term, his agents to join and how to do good business?

   Second, the follow-up services to keep up OEM OEM products not only water purifier quality can not be guaranteed, ongoing technical support, sales management, advertising, service and other issues will become Acting dealers operating problems, ranging from consumer complaints was, while shops closed down, all efforts will be hard to establish themselves in vain.

   Third, why water purification agents to join select their own brands more secure?

   own brand is truly seek development enterprise, they not only pay attention to the future development of the brand, more attention to brand reputation, they have their own factories, technical personnel and improve the operating system, is the intention to do business, the intentions for the country to contribute to clean water, will be responsible for more partners to join.

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