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   In daily life, we often think that every household with tap water is very clean, but with the understanding of the water pollution problem, also found in tap water with a lot of pollution, such as secondary pollution caused by perennial pipeline and that is why people first thought is to use water filter to purify water.



   then choose which brand of water purifier good? We often encounter some difficulties in the purchase, water purifier brands and prices vary, often people difficult start. If you choose to poor quality water purifiers, then more harm than good.

   As the saying goes: Degui buy than to buy well, you want to choose a good water purification products, we also need to pay attention to several issues.

   Note a point: water purifier various functions to be clear

   Now slogan purifier market dazzling, but his home in the end for what kind of water purifier it? some users of this or stumbled.

   Common household water purification equipment including pure water, water softeners and ultrafiltration, pure water and filter impurities ultrafiltration function, the water softener can not play a filtering effect, its main function is to soften water, so we have to define their needs, not to be confused tagline at the time of purchase.

   Note Point two: qualified products and ultimately, Health this document

   at the time to buy a water purifier, a variety of brands and recent not know which one is the real product quality guaranteed, in fact, what we can first so-called honor and titles do not look.

   plus fresh water, water purification old professional brand, each product have access to national health permits this document, it was awarded a number of patents.

   of the first things we look at is whether the product is found on the official website of the Ministry of Health, whether the brand has a health document, this document is to determine the co-productImportant condition failed.

   Note point three: the service can not be ignored

   Some users because of price reasons, to the store to buy some irregular cheap price water purification equipment, in fact, is not worth, because such water purifier manufacturers rarely provide after-sales service, if in the future the user had some problems in the course, I do not know how to repair a.

   So buy a water purifier, not only look at the price, service is also very important, improve the service mechanism so you do not worry about.

   Fresh water is added at purifier, Genius, a plurality of outlets provided service line, 315 brand quality certification, quality assured

   [123 ] Note four points: water purifier filter without replacement or permanently without replacing the other channel

   is the main component of the filter of the water purifier, but also determines the cost of follow-up, some businesses in order to improve their selling point, free to extend the life of the filter, and even promote their permanent disorderly filter replacement, really so?

   in fact, because of the need to replace the filter when not replaced, it may make home water purifier filter becomes dirty. Water purifier filter is to be replaced, the length of life is mainly determined by two factors: First, the water quality; second, the familys water consumption.

   Read these I believe we have a basic understanding of water purifier good to buy a water purifier which brand this problem, the daily drinking water directly affects our health, so choose purchase process needs to pay attention, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, for their own is the best.

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