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in all water safety issues, most people are concerned about is drinking water. Small to each family, large water in public places, is related to the vital security issues with everyone. As the requirements for public drinking water quality gradually, the relevant national policy is constantly being improved. 2012 July 1, the new drinking water standards are fully enforced. April 16, 2015, planning for a long time "water ten" - "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" also came into effect. "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" introduced water treatment industry will usher in a golden period of development. Schools, buildings, hospitals, airports and other public places need to water purification devices are proliferating, attendant, it is a commercial water purifier brand of rapid development.

   Chinas water purifier market, many brands of water purifiers are about 5000 enterprises, including more than 2,000 registered in the Ministry of Health registered and unregistered other relatively "non-standard" enterprise. Quality varies greatly. In Europe and Japan, South Korea and other countries, public services are well developed water purification, commercial water purifier penetration rate reached 80%, while in China, commercial water purifier penetration rate of less than 4%. China currently has about 14 million inhabitants, drinking

   safe water to maintain the 1.4 billion people of their lives. Improve drinking water safety is imminent. The introduction of national policy to all Chinese people concerned about the safety of drinking water a shot in the arm. The majority of the water purifier market prospects. This naturally attracted a lot of "Nuggets" have set foot in the water purifier market, many of them large appliance brands such as the United States, Angel, as well as professional water purifier brand, "Quan to" and so on, these water purifier manufacturers in scale, capital, level of technology, quality of service and other relatively mature, widely praised in the industry.

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