Normal night drinking water okay

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   normal evening drink boiled water, okay? Not long ago did not go to bed to drink something.




water when people did not exist in this world, it has, you can say that there is a time that people can not estimate accurate, the presence of water for people life has brought great convenience. from the time of the dinosaur era, the water has become every creature on Earth must be contacted. While it is technologically advanced, water is also one can not be replaced with something else. people say to kind of god, but if the people do not eat a meal is nothing, but if less water and more things that the human body needs a daily supply is a lot of water to keep your body running properly.


in the role of water in daily life everywhere, not only for drinking water can also be used to cook vegetables bathe laundry, etc. can be said is that people can not do without water, normal people who drink a day is needed water, so as to ensure that the body of water is not missing, because a lot of people do not like to drink or not drink Coke, has led to the mouth dry mouth cleft, dental problems and so on. a lot of people think that drinking plenty of water daily for good health good, before going to bed can also drink some water, this argument is correct? normal drinking water at night, okay?


drink plenty of water good for this is right, but it is recommended not to drink plenty of water at night at night, I feel thirsty it. Sleep at night, a small amount of exercise, drink plenty of water before going to bed more, increase bladder burden, it might be voiding the most suitable up in the morning to drink a glass of water, replenish lost moisture due to breathing at night. Do not drink too much disposable slightly, hold the panic ah er er, at night you can drink fermented rice Ha, boil add a little wolfberry class, skin Ay. well, because the kidneys can not sleep at night when the rest. drinking too much the first two days the eyes will be swollen so bad.


but to get up in the morning to drink a cup to add water is a good, if not the night to eat too greasy, thirst, I suggest evening drink water, will be a night to urinate, two make up the next morning, his face swollen, because the night slow metabolism, so the water will be in the bodys various organs have slow running, there will be no benefit to the human body, in the morning, to even fasting should first drink a cup of warm water, then it is best not to drink cool white open, ...


people usually, when there are a lot and drink some cool boiled water is one of those than juiceContain large amounts of nutrients and minerals that the human body is very good, so that through the above description, we should drink plenty of water during the day, and then try to drink less when before going to sleep at night.


household drinking water safety Tips: how to be healthy drinking water


(1) hour before a meal drinking: early, about an hour before lunch and dinner, drink a certain amount of water, drink plenty of water before a meal because there is increased appetite, aid digestion, absorption promoting effect.


(2) fasting warm water is appropriate: a hot or cold drink can irritate the gastric mucosa, milk, soy milk and other nutrients adverse empty stomach completely absorbed, and therefore should be after a meal or at mealtime.


(3) gastrointestinal Shu meal soup: soup to drink a certain amount of meals, help dissolve food and preliminary digestion in the stomach and in the small intestine beneficial to digestion and absorption, if the meal when not replenish the amount of water before meals or after meals because a large number of secretion of gastric juice and consume too much fluid, causing thirst, this time to drink plenty of water will give heart, kidney and other organ pipe burden.


Through the above description, you are sure of the safety of drinking water knowledge understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the safe use of household water purifiers, all hazardous substances are removed, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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