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  [7] vigilance big misunderstanding green home improvement, you caught it? Published: at 16:35 on the September 21, 2017 Hits: 34 With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, often they will give top priority to environmental protection in the home decoration of the time, so the demand for decoration materials is very high, but many owners pay attention to environmental protection, but also into the green decoration misunderstanding. misunderstanding: home improvement gullible environmentally friendly materials using environmentally friendly materials, environmental standards will do? Not always. In addition to attention to the choice of environmentally friendly materials, but also pay attention to scientifically determine decoration design and construction process. Pay attention to all kinds of decorative building materials with a reasonable, calculated housing space pollution and indoor ventilation rate calculated load carrying capacity and so on. Myth: the blind pursuit of luxury luxurious decoration, peoples psychology is understandable, but at the same time to buy high-grade material, but I do not know this blind decoration likely to harm health. Therefore, in the decoration, we must pay attention as much as possible the use of environmentally friendly materials to minimize pollution. Myth: renovation of toxic substances mainly from sheet metal and paint, not glue precisely because of this erroneous concept, decoration pollution around about even poisoning are common. In fact, the glue is the root cause of sheet metal and paint toxic. Sheet is the main component of natural plant itself is not toxic, but the process to be used in adhesive stitching, a large number of adhesives containing formaldehyde and benzene on integration and plate together, paint is the same reason. So, the ultimate source of toxic substances in the home decoration is the glue. Myth: There is no odor is safe under certain circumstances, renovated rooms after renovation may not feel the smell, there are several reasons for this: First, a correspondingly lower emissions of harmful gases; Second, some indoor harmful gas such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, BTEX and radioactive substances is less than feel. Therefore, the conditional case, is preferably carried out again after detection of indoor air quality check. Myth: the use of air fresheners or pineapple skin to purify indoor harmful gas which is the practice of self-deception, can only play the role of cover on the surface, they tend to magnify the harm to consumers. Therefore, when consumers find indoor smell, it should be tested to find indoor environment testing management department. Myth: sheet metal, furniture toxic can not be solved, wall Pihui is small, not worth mentioning wall is an important part of home improvementRing, and covers the entire area of 鈥嬧€媋 large room, nontoxic Flying powder itself, but due to the modulation putty, when a large amount of chemical added to the glue, thus it produces a toxin. A lot of people did not take it to heart putty, so a lot of use of poor quality glue, was exacerbated by indoor air pollution. Seven Mistakes: decoration pollution Please governance corporate governance on the line on corporate governance decoration pollution is only temporary clears it out of the volatile toxic substances, but can not be completely removed exist in the sheet metal, paint toxic ingredients, these toxic substances are 3 15 years to slowly evaporate. And photocatalyst governance used by the company, in addition to the aldehyde agent substances may also cause secondary pollution, indoor pollution will be intensified. Previous: Teach you a trick: to quickly identify formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC taste

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