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  Water is the source of life, whether from Chinese or Western medicine, the importance of water to the bodys self-evident. Water is an essential element of human life of normal activity, the human body is the first of seven nutrients. However, in recent years, frequent incidents of water pollution in our hand so that we began to realize the need to pay attention to safe drinking water; another aspect is a lot of consumer uncertainty and unease in the drinking water. In fact, we must pay attention to safe drinking water, but can not worry because now, with the development of technology, the ways and means to deal with on the safety of drinking water is also varied, which because of its low cost water purifiers, water purifiers clean high cost consumers of all ages!

   household water purifiers and water dispenser What are the advantages compared to

   First, water purifiers do not change the water frequently. Current drinking fountains are used bottled water, pure water requires regular contact companies, asking them to on-site water supply, higher costs too much, if you live in places too remote, the cost of water will rise further.

   Second, stagnant water purifier solve the problem. Many people will find that bottled water dispenser, if a long time failed to finish, too long storage time, will produce smelly water stagnant water, a serious impact on the taste, should be cleaned regularly. Belonging to the water purifier is ready to use, less prone to problems stagnant water, drinking fountains superior in taste.

   From the above, we can see that the joint must be replaced by a water purifier to use bottled water dispenser is its inevitability reasons. It can be seen and promising water purifier, and sustainable development is a sunrise industry! According to industry experts predict that the next five years, the domestic home water purifier market will be one hundred billion scale. According to early data show that as of 2015, my countrys water purifier sales volume up to 1.18 billion yuan, accounting for environmental home appliances sales volume 43% share.

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   a number of water purifier brand, how to choose is critical!

   market has grown, so more and more people want to get into the water purifier to the industry, mainly included Two groups emerged, is a water purifier brand manufacturers; the other is to want to start franchisee. Joined the agency, is an occasion to the highest level, it is an effective survival map change philosophy, is to achieve a rapid development, embarked on the road to become rich shortcut. Entrepreneurship is not bitter bitter tired, a lot of people the answer is YES, who knows who did. Therefore, selecting a product of good water purificationLicensed for Agent is very important! So, join the agency Which water purifier brand is good? How to choose a good water purifier brand Agent do?

   water purifier to join, look for the brand very important because the brand is a symbol of quality and assurance. In general, choose a good reputation, a long time the brand is relatively more reliable. Shenzhen Hua Kang water purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 to date, 17 years, always adhere to "improve customer satisfaction" concept, is committed to developing the core technology of water purification, and constantly create better products to meet the needs of the times, the plant covers an area of 鈥嬧€媡ens of thousands square meters, 12,000 square meters of clean production workshop, industry RO + unique water purification technology, is now mainly produces seven series of nearly a hundred household water purification products, easy to solve different household water demand, widely favored by consumers, has won the majority of entrepreneurs approved!

   filter is the core technology of water purification

   in addition to choosing a reliable brand, but also the core technology of water purification filters, water purifiers that filter, which directly affect the water purification effect. A good cartridge filter out of the water will be more safe and healthy. At present, China mainly from Kang household core technology RO reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane two kinds. - M RO water purifier RO membrane technology, can completely remove bacteria (0.4-1 microns) and viruses in water (0.2-0.4 microns) and rust, sand, colloidal, chlorine, odor, heavy metals and other hazardous substances, sweet water, can be directly consumed.

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   Usually a multi activated carbon filter, nanofiltration film as the core technology, its main function is to filter a large number of impurities and deodorized. RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration and high-tech products, not only can completely rule out large impurities, but also heavy metals, impurities and water molecules completely separated, filtered through a reverse osmosis water is really good healthy water, drinkable good water.

   quality classic, Hua Kang water purifier invite you to join! Clean water from industry to agriculture, from commercial to home, after a long period of development and progress, it is already mature application, so that more consumers has gradually begun to accept, then the market potential is infinite, the only accurate to seize this opportunity to better create greater value in the shortest time. With increasing demand for clean water, we believe that the future market will be further development of the water purifier, and as a leader Hua Kang water purifier, will not stop continue to develop productsBetter quality water purifier pace.

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