Suspected of selling counterfeit high-priced war purifier, t

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  Suspected of selling counterfeit high-priced water purifier, the police released the scene to expose the website: Published: 2019-03-20 Recently, a group of swindlers in the stone up the stage acting, suspected of selling counterfeit high-priced water purifier. Liu County, local law enforcement officers on-site joint police-defeating for the masses to demonstrate the whole process of fraud, and one by one burst. March 12 morning, Liu County Public Security Bureau police station received a gold field village cadres Jiangmou police, said the area has several sales personnel say there is water pollution, but also by so-called testing to prove how dirty, then to you a high-priced to sell water purifiers, they suspect is a hoax, hoping to get help of the police. Suddenly the police and to make a few sales personnel following words and deeds and manners seemed nervous panic in police questioning, sales personnel eventually admitted it was their carefully crafted hoax. It turned out that sales personnel in the township Liu fled the county, deliberately choose to stay in rural areas or living alone committing crimes in the name of free onsite testing of drinking water, they live demonstration to detect deceptive, when the water becomes wastewater seconds, several sales personnel complement each other, lied water contains pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and wait for an opportunity to sell at high prices to the elderly to buy their fake water purifier. In fact, before this alarm from the neighboring township police station has received more than a similar report, Liu County, local police are particularly concerned about, the initial grasp and understand the case. These people are to receive the gift eggs, pasta, rice or other small gifts as bait to attract a large crowd of residents. To make everyone look into that, to avoid being taken in the future, the police decided to temporarily live demonstration of crooks "magic" of the whole process and the implementation of fraud. police field sampling tap water and bottled mineral water, let crooks scene once again demonstrated the "witness the miracle of" time, after power, some water becomes cloudy, and some water and even black, green. Police give this revelation, this is actually a chemical reaction electrolysis when the electrolytic iron electrode itself occurred. Police, calcium and magnesium ions in water genus iron bar electrolyte, an anode after the electrolysis device in tap water, the ferric iron is electrolytically formed (gray), a divalent iron ion (green), ferric oxide (red-brown) , triiron tetroxide (black); and pure water free of calcium and magnesium ions conductive, the electrolytic reaction occurs, so that pure water does not change color. It is understood that water electrolysis experiment was not a nationally recognized water quality detection methods, just a chemical reaction, and the incident tap water, Is detected by the health sector is in line with national standards, it can be used normally. Currently, sales personnel Tanmou, Lee, Wang suspicion of fraud, has been controlled Liu County police, the case is under further investigation.

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