Patio with Taobao together tbuild a new model of clean water

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   Recently, Patio with Taobao signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly explore and carry out water purification line leasing a new model. This mode helps drive the development of the water industry to establish a shared service model, and promote the sustainable development of the water industry caused by China. Mr. President Unilever global home care Kees Kruythoff, vice president of home care category, Unilever North Asia, Mr. Qu Wei Qin Yuan Group and CEO of Taobao rental and general manager of Mr. Lin crowdfunding away, Taobao senior person in charge of leasing industry operations Specialist Ms. Yu Juan, 3C digital industry operators Department Mr. Guomin Long lease Taobao Taobao and other leasing team attended the signing ceremony.


   Under the framework agreement, the simultaneous development of Patio water purifier rental business in residential and commercial areas. On the one hand, Patio Ali will be assigned to lease platform, the establishment of "Patio water purifier rental shop in Taobao Taobao, while in office, school and other scenes to carry out long-term lease apartment rental business; on the other hand, will increase dedicated to the Patio leasing product development efforts to achieve a reliable quality assurance in the intelligent interconnection and butler service. Patio leasing business model will provide consumers with the development of new water purification solution to more affordable prices, better service and more flexible options to allow more people to enjoy a clean and healthy drinking water experience to help China more good families to protect themselves and their families.

   electronic business platform Taobao has become a shared field of water purification business in Patio carried out a huge boost in bilateral cooperation, the Patio Taobao will help open up the rental market, the category Patio water purification project cooperation as a priority scene rental brand investment and development. relying on the flow of resources to support and brand Taobao platform provides endorsement, Patio shared water purification business is bound to be greatly expanded.


   signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taobao, marking the formal accession Patio water industry sharing mode field. as a company with 20 years of professional accumulation of water purifier brand, Patio has a natural advantage over shared water purification explore this emerging business model, not only products, technologies and solutions for many years are constantly Patio consumer insight reals demand for clean water, through the national water quality data collection, consumer research, Patio and gradually established a nationwide consumer demand patterns, based on this point, Patio form a comprehensive strengths in brand, products and services, ThisIt will play an important role in the exploration of shared water purification mode.

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