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   health "net" class, with good fresh water. Super Lynx days following the introduction of the high-end category of drinking water a new concept, once again focused its attention on the demands of the consumers quality of life, deep water purifier market, leading a new wave of consumption upgrading water purifier.

   to bring water, everyone is familiar with. 72% of the Earths surface is covered by water, every moment of our lives are inseparable from the water. It can be described as the mother of all things, the survival of the source water of life.

   In my country, the development of water purification industry began in the 1980s. Since 2000, water purifier production enterprises to grow, the water purification industry in the ascendant. At present, China water purifier industry has grown to more than 3,000 manufacturers, their number is still 30% -40% growth per year.

   With the improvement of peoples living standards, without taking into account food and clothing, health and quality of life has become relentless pursuit. Day by Day cat super large category of data mining potential demand of consumers for different consumer groups, will be Chinas water purifier category is subdivided into six major upgrade trends, and proposed a "healthy net level with good fresh water." category Education, leading the consumers to buy water purifiers, water purifiers selected, choose the right water purifier.

   First, a large kitchen flux main "health card." With AO Smith, Angel water purifier represented kitchen large flux widely used in the kitchen, keep the front of food, housewife sought after by high-end cuisine and family health, family category accounted for 67% of the population, better quality of such products, stable performance, more convenient, lower maintenance costs and operating costs, strong technical expertise and good after-sales service.


   Second, intelligent interconnect IOT main "fashion" brand. Young family a new house to the water healthier and more intelligent control to the tall, with Patio, the United States is intelligent Internet IOT water purifier water purifier at the same time representatives, focusing on intelligence, science and technology, welcomed by this group.


   again, skin soft water main "Hydra" brand. Beauty population of the United States assiduous, meticulous care is essential to the skin, removal of heavy metals Philips Water Purifier 99%, becoming the first choice for people Beauty can be used for face and body clean.


   Fourth, the filter kettle main "safe drinking" card. As the deep water purifier brand for many years exotic, Pitt Zander filter kettle used for everyday drinking straight, in the officeWhite-collar workers has many "fans", "safe drinking" insurmountable red line, Germany create "core" allows you to drink at ease.


   Fifth, net drink flagship desktop "mother" card. Small baby with milk-based food, but also need to nourish healthy water quality, whether it is breast milk or formula, higher demands on water quality, heating and filtering Bole Po 2 in 1,3 seconds out of good milk, net heat one of the design so that many mom became Bole treasure fans.


   Finally, the whole house water purification main "quality" brand. Whole house water purification that is, from the beginning of the domestic water, 360 progressive protection for the whole family safe and healthy drinking water. EcoWater, Haier whole house water purifier brand is committed to bring the high level of quality of life for each family.


   Lynx super category since its launch date, enabling the category to meet consumer demand, promotion of consumer groups, has successfully created a high-end water products, milk powder, running shoes and other categories explosion models fully proved the leading role in promoting and facilitating the super Lynx category Japanese consumer culture for the consumer to upgrade. The water purifier category Watch consumer demand for healthy sore point with water, will raise consumer awareness of water purifier, we promote universal buy water purifiers, drinking water, health, improve the national health standards, and achieve quality of life improvement, promote consumption upgrade water purifier.

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