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   Today, the concepts related to water purifier market dazzling, "electric adsorption" "iodine resin sterilization," and so, consumers are often confused confused, visiting for a day but I do not know how to decide. So when consumers buy water purifier, should pay attention to it?



   First, understand the water purifier on the market type

   [ 123] according to different classification criteria, but have different types of water purifiers. As to water purification function can be divided into ordinary water purifiers, water softeners, water and other; by Water Quality can be divided into nanofiltration water machine, straight drinking fountains, the RO water and other.

   Second, the understanding of water purifier product documents

   In addition, the water purifier brand choice of consumers has also become a problem. According to Xiao Bian understood Yantai water purifiers, water purifiers of all kinds annual sales of more than 10 million units, but has not yet issued national standards related to water purification industry, water purifiers and therefore lower the entry barrier in the production of many manufacturers, in addition to a small number of well-known brands, there are still many come from small factories, and even illegal and counterfeit products of family workshops.

   Third, the understanding of the function of water purification

   If there are special requirements for the consumer taste, hardness of tap water, then it should be selection water purifier having the corresponding functions according to different quality requirements. For example, when the high hardness of the water softener may be selected, or pure water.

   Fourth, understand water purifier service

   after purchase, consumers install water purifiers, should ensure adequate drainage time cleaning machine; and water purifier placed after a period of time, it must first let go of water a minute or two before using. At the same time water purifier small series to remind you, pay attention to regularly replace the filter, use the filter to ensure safety in its validity, if the larger professional water purifier, you should seek the help of merchant service, due toAs inappropriate replace easily lead to secondary pollution.

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