Under epidemic, water purifimarket crisis co-ext, howan firm

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  Under epidemic, water purifier market crisis co-exist, how can firmly seize the opportunity? Time: 2020-03-12 10:16:44 affected Wuhan novel coronavirus in 2020 along with the city seal, self-isolation and other measures under the national home market traffic dropped lines, home appliances market raw material procurement, production, sales and so almost shut down. With the epidemic control situation increasingly uncertain, complex strikes begin soon, the current national-scale industrial enterprises to return to work rate, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces have more than 70%. But the economic recovery of the market after the plague, to the enterprise, is a huge challenge. epidemic affecting more significant real estate transactions, real estate and water purifier market is subject to greater impact on the real estate market trading volume narrowed, will adversely affect the water purifier market outlook, also resulting in insufficient added. And reduction in the current line under the passenger, residential home service restricted circumstances, water purifiers online sales also subject to suppression, the overall market is expected to decline this year will be increased compared to last year. However, water purifiers universal point of view, the current national water purifier penetration rate is only around 20%, there is still much room for growth. Under epidemic, health awareness raising from another perspective, the new crown a national epidemic outbreak of pneumonia, greatly enhance the national health awareness, provide a good opportunity to create a healthy home environment. People always less concerned about drinking water, air quality, also suddenly become sensitive to them. Elements of life to peoples health mainly includes three aspects of air, food and drinking water health. The epidemic spread mainly through direct contact and airborne, as much as possible to reduce the chance of contact is the primary means of spread of isolation, therefore, to disinfect the air, the use of disposable packaging drinking water and installing water purifiers has become an important measure to reduce the spread of. In addition, in this outbreak, there are public information releases new crown virus can spread through sewage and other ways, the government in water sources, water and other pollution increased disinfection, some provinces and cities have also taken a secondary disinfection. Improve the content of residual chlorine in tap water to consumers in terms of water purification installation is necessary. Therefore, in the long run, this outbreak of health education will be given a new water purifier industry opportunities and challenges, water purifier penetration will increase, expected future market expansion, manufacturers should seize this opportunity to provide consumers with healthy drinking water services. During the epidemic, offline market frustrated January 23 closed city Wuhan, and then enter a national response. By PhytophthoraFeeling the impact, at least 60% of the physical stores not open for business, the overall decline in sales of home appliances. 2020 first quarter sales pressure water purifier market, bullish rebound after the outbreak of the market. However, for online water purifier market is concerned, the situation is not so pessimistic, referring to previous years, market data, market water purifier explosion point mainly concentrated in the second half. In the case of the market in the first half suppressed, enterprises will increase online publicity investment, driven by this, the second half of 6.18, double the market for 11 water purifier online market pull will be more obvious, therefore, after the end of the epidemic line the market is expected to maintain growth. After the plague the market, increasing the demand for water and more scenes from the product point of view, after the epidemic period, peoples health awareness to upgrade again, purification, cleaning, disinfection and other functions of health technology products will usher in a new round of development opportunities . Such as high filtering accuracy, with sterilization function of water purification products more popular with consumers. According to information released by researchers, the new coronavirus diameter 60-140nm, which emphasize water purifier filter accuracy at least at the nanoscale or more, the use of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration technology products will further spread. Other than drinking water, the user demand for other scenes are also urgent. The kitchen scene (fear of pesticide residue, a small amount of water), toilet scene (hard water affects the skin, affect the service life of the toilet, etc.) and other scene (warm pipeline hazards). Companies should multidimensional force around different scenarios, to meet the needs of the end water purifier popularity upgrade, to further guide the universal scene of clean water to meet drinking water purification whole scene quality upgrade requirements. In summary, the new crown pneumonia epidemic for ordinary people, however, is a rare opportunity healthy life education, greatly enhance peoples health awareness. For the water industry, it is an opportunity to improve household penetration, for the future development of water purifiers and other health class appliances play a positive role in promoting. Water purifiers related enterprises should seize this rare opportunity to develop a healthy and convenient products with sterilization, antibacterial, sterilization function. Expected, after the outbreak of education, to protect the health of consumers, the environment will become a mainstream product development direction of electrical appliances.

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