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   the similarities and differences regarding water machine, water purifier and water purifier three concepts, there are a lot of people really do not understand, usually water industry also called water purifier industry or water purification industry , so in principle "water purifier is equivalent to the water purification machines," the same as these two concepts, but in the interior of the water industry practitioners, it is called is different. However, most people generally agree that in addition to water purifiers water purification machines equivalent to the outside, in the actual market operational level, there are still some people do nuance, there is a different name.

   Generally, "pure water" simply refers to the use of reverse osmosis membrane technology RO water source category a depth filtration purification technology machine, pure water is a folk history convention followed, but in the official documents rarely use "pure water" is called. In the official language, more collectively referred to as "RO reverse osmosis water purifier" or "RO reverse osmosis water purifier", which corroborated the beginning of this article that the "water purifier water purifier =" argument. Of course, there are official documents such as health system called "reverse osmosis water processor." RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration is the most accurate technique of a water purification, desalination rate generally above 90%.

   In turn back and look at "clean water" and "water purifier" of these two concepts is more broad. "Water purifier" called a few years ago, starting in 2006, we continue to call "water purifier" is also gradually increased, water purifier water purifier or part of the general term for water purification products, contains both anti-RO permeable membrane art machines, also comprising UF membrane technology machines, even the water softener, pipeline machine, pre-filter or purifier can be collectively referred purifier. Therefore, water purifier and water purifier more of a concept of a macro.

   Another popular method points, i.e., only refers to the water purifier machine ultrafilter UF machine technology, and activated carbon adsorption simple filtering technology, and single finger purifier RO reverse osmosis machine technology, such as RO reverse osmosis water purification and the like like UF UF water purifier is called. Of course, there is a saying, water purifier is no electricity, and water purification machines to electricity, which is a breakdown of the argument, but this argument has not mainstream.

   Of course, at the core of how other name is not a problem of internal water purification industry, or to simply target for the service, that is, the majority of consumers, they can not thoroughly understand is the core? When conducting market information, they should be given clearXi, accurately called, not let them on the concept of loss.

   Marco Polo Shenzhen factory water purifier water purifier water purifier is not just a production-oriented enterprises, but also through water purification systems integration industry chain, to explore innovative green wisdom, to keep the new green environmental technology and smart technology into actual applications, is committed to providing security for people green water purification products, so that more people enjoy the green water purifiers to bring a healthy and comfortable life.

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