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   water purification agents:? What are the prefilter

   is the first pre-filter apparatus for filtering coarse whole house water, tap water may be filtered the sand, rust and other large particulate matter. Prefilter typically mounted at the front end of the pipe, so that the "preamble" to the word name; and "filtration" refers to the basic principle of such equipment.

   is generally "T" shaped structure. Position "a cross" upper left and right ends of the inlet and outlet, respectively. The following "pricked" position inside the cylindrical body and the filter, compared with the lowermost end of the outfall, by controlling a valve opening and closing. Filtered tap water sediment, rust, large particulate matter. Prevent significant precipitation of impurities cities and district water supply networks generated cause harm to humans, and for Concealed pipes, faucets, plumbing, water heaters, boilers, central air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and other water appliances (water purification machine, water machine, water softeners) has played an active role in pre-protection.

   prefilter the water supply network is the bane of secondary pollution, so that water returns to the home factory quality standards, the impurity is a reliable filtering device, a first channel purification guard your home.

   water purification agents: protection against freezing method prefilter

   can not be installed in the indoor room temperature is below 0 degrees, because water expands in volume during solidification, if frozen, a direct result of the pre-filter pipe, bottles appeared was filtered burst, whereby water leakage. If installed outdoors, there must be freezing measures, if there is no freezing measures may lead to pre-filter the cracking, in subzero temperatures must stop using the pre-filter. If not using a prefilter, or need to go out, the inlet valve must be closed, all discharging filtered water bottle, check the appearance of the machine is normal before reuse.

   General purifier currently used PP cotton preprocessor are used, which is known as filtration accuracy between 1-50 microns. The main filter is to extend the service life of the rear, and by the presence of the high frequency of replacement of the filter backwash can not be achieved, which function is substituted by prefilter tendency (but because of its low cost, is still being widely used, the presence of PP cotton the problem: the replacement cycle is short, transparent price without any profit margin; after the accumulation of impurities, can not be discharged cause secondary pollution, easy to breedBacteria; PP cotton majority are made of a transparent material, easy moss)

   PP cotton, synthetic chemical fibers is made of polypropylene fibers, cotton good elasticity, bulkiness, attractive appearance, afraid of extrusion, washable, quick-drying. Apply to clothing factory, toy factory, Spewing plants, non-woven fabrics and other manufacturers. It has the advantage of easy cleaning.

   PP PP cotton wool can be divided into two-dimensional, three-dimensional PP cotton.

   is a high-dimensional pp cotton fiber cotton, cotton PP is, better dimensional pp cotton material. Using a hollow fiber (about 15,000 good price, Common raw materials used is about 13,000, less than the price also, but the material is not ideal bad spring back.

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