Rural well water purifier to use it

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   rural well water purifier to use it? There is no uniform answer to different parts of the water, the water quality is not the same, the result of processing is different.




Many people are asking the question: "? Purifier useful to you," "sewage treatment equipment can play an effective role in it," the answer is yes.


The effect of water on the human body:


(1) constituting human body tissues, accounting for 65% to 80%;


(2) participating in vivo biochemical reactions, as a solvent, to human tissues and transport of nutrients, metabolic waste away; (3) distribution of heat, regulate body temperature;


(4) lubrication, protect joints, eyes, skin, body cavities, muscles.


But now the rapid economic development of industries such as industrial water pollution has become increasingly serious, the water contains a lot of harmful substances, if not through the process of water purification equipment direct drinking or for life can cause harm, so we have to use sewage water treatment technology equipment used for sewage treatment discharge for life.


out of the water purifiers purify water is to what standard


A:? Water purifiers purify water better than the national "drinking water health standards" (2001), in which microorganisms, turbidity other indicators can reach drinking water quality standards (GB17324-1998), and retains the beneficial trace elements and minerals in the water.


when to replace the filter


A:? When the water purifier water production is greatly reduced, while smaller than the original a lot of water flow or no water after flushing is still not restored, has been when water does not meet your requirements, this time on the need to replace the filter. But this time the quality of water purifier is still qualified, safe to use.


The water purifier ultrafiltration to remove scale it


A:? Scale is mainly due to the water of calcium, magnesium ion content, insoluble calcium carbonate is formed by heating, and magnesium carbonate the precipitate assembly in combination with suspended solids, colloids together. Ultrafiltration membrane can effectively filter out of the water and the colloidal suspension, but can not filter out the calcium and magnesium ions. So, pure substanceReasonable filtration is not completely solve the scale. And this water purifier using membrane separation technology can effectively remove the water and the colloidal suspension, thus high hardness water filtered through an ultrafiltration membrane, will present some reheating carbonate, magnesium carbonate dispersion white powder-like precipitate, which does not form intractable scale. If you have a small amount of precipitation on residual white powder is also difficult to accept, we recommend adding resin filter can be resolved (in fact, it is not necessary that the substance is harmless to humans)


Water well water is very clean, not need to purify


a:? a lot of pollutants in water is invisible, like bacteria, Bing poison, and now economic development so rapid, uncontrolled discharge of industrial waste water, solid waste landfill in the large cities of after gathering field, it will produce a lot of garbage permeate, permeate the garbage now many cities are not processed directly penetrate into the groundwater of the city, resulting in the current groundwater pollution is very serious. State environmental protection departments to adjust Cha 118 large and medium cities, groundwater heavily polluted cities account for 64%, 33% light pollution. In October 2004, the Ministry of Construction of the 36 cities nationwide sampling of drinking water in the town, only fully qualified nine cities, urban water pollution situation is very serious.


our water and after a long pipeline of secondary pollution further by pipeline or high-rise water tank, so our drinking water is already very serious. We see only the appearance of a clean, just as some people seem to be healthy, in fact, are in sub-health state, this time not to be taken lightly, should pay attention to, such as found otherwise harm too late.


There are no disinfection function


A:? Many people think that refers to the concept of disinfection to kill bacteria in the water of the product is not to kill the bacteria, but by the precision of 0.01 micron ultra? full retention of bacteria in the water filters and other harmful substances, purified water containing only out of the water molecules, useful minerals and trace elements, and entrapped by the following harmful substances can be discharged outfall, belonging purely physical filtration


raise water purification screw, goldfish do


a:? Yes, of course, after the product is no longer filtered water contains bacteria, Bing toxic and other harmful substances, many aquaculture units are in use these largeFiltration products.


household drinking water Tips: How well water purification


purify well water, well water according to the situation in different places, such as fluorine-containing groundwater generally Loess Plateau is too high, Custer landscape groundwater generally calcium is too high (commonly known as NOx), and some ground water containing iron and manganese is too high, local conditions vary greatly, well water purification process in very different ways. In short treatment must be targeted, water quality testing should be carried out beforehand, then targeted purification treatment based on test results. Currently these treatments are relatively mature. In addition to the above outer remove excessive water minerals, usually also of well water turbidity purification, home water purifier is a good choice, the choice of which the physical filtration, the choice of primary filter sand filtration tank, a filter may be selected intermediate PP cotton core , ceramic core filter, filter a deeper choice of ultrafiltration hollow filter, accuracy up to 0.01UM, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.


Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. If you want to know more small drinking water safety knowledge, we pay more attention to stop it.




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