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   "world factory" has always been a label of our country. We can not deny that my countrys rapid economic development relies heavily on labor-intensive industries and energy-intensive industries. This will inevitably cause a certain amount of water for domestic threat.


With the proliferation of algae in Taihu Lake, Shandong Weifang bets seepage of sewage, dead pig floating on the Huangpu River water pollution incident was exposed, water pollution problems have attracted more and more attention, people began to realize : rely on labor-intensive and energy-intensive industries to promote rapid economic development, it will pose a serious threat of water resources, water pollution problems to be solved.


   national policy: the water will become a new economic growth point

   Ministry of Environmental Protection to develop "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan", trillions of investment funds to support water pollution control. Is expected to 2020, it will invest 4 trillion yuan to build water infrastructure.

   huge water purifier market prospects

   countries more and more attention to water pollution means that the water industry will be affected by the policy dividend, ushered in the golden period of development, in order to water purifiers water treatment equipment for the terminal representative will usher in a new development opportunity!

   compared to the industrial water treatment, water treatment more susceptible to the home terminal pro-gaze at this stage, because of the presence of drinking water of potential contaminants and can not control the short period of time from the source, and again water purifier home terminal represented. In recent years, both the proliferation of algae in Taihu Lake, or dead pig floating on the Huangpu River, water purifiers are selling phenomenon occurred in the incident, which is a good illustration of more and more families are willing to buy a water purifier, and now with the the strong support of national policy for water treatment, which is bound to give the same opportunity for development to provide water treatment industry as a home terminal ?? water treatment industry.


   and water industry development problems

   data show that: in 2016, Chinas water purifier sales of 20.3 billion yuan, of which online sales 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%; sales in the line of 40.5 billion yuan, up 51.7%. It is predicted that by 2017 our water purifier market size of up to 27.1 billion yuan, of which online up to 21.3 billion yuan, up 5.8 billion yuan next line.

   Although the water industry in the country has been developing for some time, but because of the water purifier market access threshold is too low, the uneven quality of employees in the industry, the lack of mandatory national standards and the relevant regulation of the product, the water industry there is still a lot of problems, a lot of water purification products were detected failed. Therefore, the water industry in order to go better, to go further, related industries need to improve the system.

   consumer voice

   water purifier is now faced with some problems. ? The main problem to consumers, what does

   The survey found that most of the major consumers confused two issues: First, the price, the current water purification products on the market from several hundred to a ten thousand dollars; the second is similar to the high brand on the market product homogeneity and brand names, making the purchase as smoke and mirrors.

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