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   amorous arc, luxurious cool lighting, advanced cutting-edge technology, power surging speed, real wisdom, experience the fun ...... you think of a sports car on a water purifier actually realized!

   [ 123] November 26, Casa Di things water purification machines, "says Dick," debuted Hefei. As a high-end appliances brand, people have become accustomed to stunning when Casarte every appearance, but this time, users who have mentally prepared or was completely shocked: "The biggest difference is what is different" users evaluate "because its body is a surprise "," this is an imaginary level of the water purifier. "


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   imagine the level design, crafted art luxuries


   adhering to the Casa Di "beauty of creation, only ingenuity" design concept, from designers around the world in a different ideological extraordinary collision of art, only the "cloud whale" that the sky line of luxury light curve, ran into the top ultra sleek lines of the design concept, outlined a cool black gold night scene, giving as the sea as a vast artistic imagination.



   Caesar elegant gold color, the atmosphere is more gentle sense of giving Jingyi. Designers talent, let Casa Di things water purification machines, "says Dick," exudes a unique Italian style of art from the inside out.

   imagine grade flow, level of ultra-running speed experience


   and other emergency starving baby red milk after exercise need a glass of water to quench their thirst, guests waiting for tea to entertain visitors but Xixi ...... water purifier Lili people crazy? According to statistics, a small amount of water to water purification equipment Tucao rate of 74.07 percent of the first pain point for consumers.

   The industry has been such a "law" that is inversely proportional to the amount of water with precision, large volume of water means that the filter is not enough. Casarte "cloud whale" by upgrading techniques and improved processes, innovative use of reverse osmosis technology patented SPEED3.0, water flow up to 2000ml / min, is 2.7 times that of a conventional water purifier, from about 6 seconds to access the full cup water (200ML), that is filtered ready to drink, even water peak entertain guests at home can easily deal with.


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   In addition, it is mounted high efficiency triple filter, innovative technology to achieve full utilization of the angle, so that the water flow passages in the filter is longer, notOnly effectively enhance the removal of heavy metals, antibiotics, chlorine, color, odor and other harmful substances, but also easy to timely discharge of impurities, to prevent the fouling affects the purification effect, the ultimate guardian of the familys drinking water safety.



   In the past, people are only concerned with the health and safety of drinking water, but ignored the safety of water, such as washing vegetables with tap water, chlorine in the water will remain on the vegetables. The "cloud whale" double outlet designed to achieve the quality of water supply, soup, straight drinking water, vegetables, washing dishes with water, allowing users to drink healthy and safe to eat.


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   imagine grade technology, so that domestic water "rather than hands."


   purifying effect is not visible, safe or not depends on stomach test? No filter life reminder, when for the core can only revel? currently, no intelligent water purifier has become one of the top ten affect the user experience of pain points. Things era, Casa Di technology into the modern wisdom water purifier design, innovative applications wisdom of Things technology, cloud whale realized in any place, any time interoperability, human, machine, material through.



   concerned about the health of the baby drinking water quality you want to know how, just "small excellent" Haier intelligent speaker say: "Little excellent little better, my kitchen water purifier ? how to water machine "little excellent answer will be:" The owner, kitchen water purifier water TDS value of 8, can be safe to drink. "

   imagine grade display, open multi-screen Chi significant 4.0 era [123. ]

in general, users accustomed to the water purifier put in the kitchen, you want to know the water quality, the cabinet must be open to view, and some do not even have water purifier body on-screen, not only operational problems, more people can not feel at ease with water . By integrating IOT IOT cloud platform, big data analytics, "says Dick," opened the faucet cover, body, multi-screen phone wisdom significant 4.0 times, giving users a "zero distance" peace of mind.


鍑€姘? src= When you travel abroad, before go home to open the Haier EZER APP understanding of home water quality is satisfactory or whether the filter expires, but also a key orders, repair, let you go home you can enjoy the security of good water; when you vegetables, wash rice when, Wide Zoom can be presented at the faucet and out of the current water quality and filter life TDS value in real time; when you cook, inadvertently glimpse faucet light ring color filterUse status at a glance (when the color from blue to red light ring, reminding the user that for the core). When you want a comprehensive understanding of water purifier state, you can view a large body of black crystal display screen: water, sequential display of filter life, device status information at a glance.

   bring art into daily life, technology is changing life! Casa Di "cloud whale" is not only "imaginary level" of water purification products, but also brought the wisdom of future drinking water of life, for the water industry create more innovation and development possible.

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