Three-stage water purifier market analysis and development

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   also called purifier water purifier, water filter, is based on the use of water on the water quality of water treatment equipment for small deep purification process. Water purifier in the 1980s and 1990s to enter the Chinese market, to now more than 20 years, its development can be divided into three stages.



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   1, germination period

   in the 1980s and 1990s, a number of companies from developed countries Habitat water treatment equipment market sees an opportunity, we began to engage in small-scale water treatment systems for drinking water production kitchen terminal. But this time the water pollution has not been a real threat to the health of peoples lives, this time together with water purification equipment is very expensive, the market demand is very limited. Such as: imported Everpure (Everpure), Shanghai Light Industry Machinery Plant Crystal brand water purifiers.

   2, bottled water era

   1990 to 2000, home improvement water purifier market in the exploration and development period. At the same time as a large number of industry migration to my countrys development has brought economic development has also brought pollution phenomenon. Coupled with standardized, routinized urban water supply system is difficult to meet the individual needs of the familys drinking water, so bottled water, bottled water, as a new solution to drinking water quality, has developed rapidly, and the emergence of a number of manufacturing and sales of bottled water, dispenser of well-known companies, such as: Angel of Guangdong, Zhejiang and other Patio.

   3, water purifier era

   2001 to the present, the water purifier market is rapidly growing. In recent years, the country suffers from modern science, industrial electronics caused by pollution, will have varying degrees of sudden water pollution incidents each year, seriously affecting the safety of drinking water to the residents; In addition, our residents pay more attention to healthy drinking water, water quality, taste It requires improved significantly. Home water purifier installation professional life has become a demand, the current surge in demand for water purifier market.

   domestic water purifier market analysis

   1, water purification products to buy body composition analysis

   At present, Chinas water purifier main body includes purchase: home, office and public places, commercial and others. Among them, office and public places, the highest proportion, 63%; followed by commercial, 18%; households accounting for 8%.

   2, water purification products market purchasing power analysis

   Currently, existing home consumers, consumer groups mainly in high-income families. In the investigation of potential consumers in 75% of potential buyers in the future plan to buy a water purifier are middle and low price of water purifiers. Offices and public places consumers, including office buildings, hospitals, libraries, exhibition halls and other public places high demands on the water purifier, purchasing power is also guaranteed. Commercial aspects, such as KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and other places as well as Coca-Cola and other companies like large chain restaurants and businesses, has strong purchasing power.

   3, water purifier manufacturers classification

   It is understood that Chinas water purifier manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, the manufacturers of these two regions which accounted for about ninety percent of the total number of the country, these two regions also has distinctive features, the Pearl River Delta mainly domestic brands, represents the brand of beauty, spring dew, net of the spring, Angel etc; and Yangtze River Delta mainly imported brand, which represents the brand Patio (to be acquired Unilever), Everpure, 3M, Paragon as the representatives. Meanwhile, Chinas water purifier manufacturers divided into the following four categories:

   (1) is a comprehensive household electrical appliance enterprises, such as Midea, Haier, nine positive and other major development is the diversification of the water industry, relying on terminal strong advantage and brand effect, accounting for a certain amount of market share.

   (2) professional water treatment equipment manufacturer mainly in the water treatment industry, such as Germany World Baokang, Li Sheng Deng to improve the technical advantages and product lines, consolidate and strengthen the market.

   (3) foreign brands and foreign-funded enterprises mainly a net importer or foreign direct investment in production companies, such as the United States Everpure, Germany Shui-lai, Germany Baokang, United States EcoWater, 3M, relying on international influence and technical advantages erode and penetrate the market.

   (4) name companies, without any documents relating to business, there is no health permits, are damaging the market.

   water purifier market prospects of

   1, water pollution spawned the development of space industry

   the worlds most serious water pollution, water shortage exacerbated contradictions. Traditional water treatment methods can not guarantee to provide good quality drinking water, but also in municipal water suppliesThere are two problems of pollution, such as high-level water tank, long water pipelines, will result in a potential pollution problem rust, scale and microorganisms, and therefore, various brands of water purifiers came into being.

   With the rapid development of the economy, is suffering an unprecedented global water pollution and destruction. Chinas environmental protection department statistics, 82% of the countrys rivers are subject to different degrees of pollution; in our seven major river, the water is not suitable for reference of the river close to 40%; 78% of urban water in the river is not suitable for drinking water sources ; about 50% of urban groundwater contamination. In addition to these startling figures only cautionary people to cherish water resources, but also to the rapid development of water purification industry has provided an opportunity.

   2, domestic water purifier showing rapid growth rates

   At present drinking water purification market share are: bottled water accounted for 75% to 80%, about 20% water purifiers to 25 %, about 0.2% drinking water pipes. Although bottled water is still occupy the mainstream market. However, according to Business reported net 2015 data show that after high-speed development in recent years, as high as 40% to 50% annual growth of the bottled water industry has begun to show slow growth. With the high-end bottled water camp contraction, and the growing popularity of low-end water tends to saturate the market is gradually narrowing profit margins.

   and posted on the "2015 Internet + intelligent water industry forum", "2015 water industry Blue Book" shows that from 2013 to 2014 the water treatment industry sales were 7.2 billion yuan, 12.1 billion yuan, compound annual growth rate of 42.5%. Water treatment market in 2015 sales reached 7.89 million units, sales will reach 19.2 billion yuan, a huge market potential in the future. Affected "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" promulgated by the state, regardless of the number of brands of water purification industry or market growth are "leaps and bounds" in the last two years.

   3, domestic water purifier market space

   water purifier penetration rate in developed countries are more than 70%, even 90%. In contrast, Chinas water purifier penetration rate of less than 5% penetration rate in the first-tier cities, Shanghai 18%, 10%, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and 8.5%, shows that Chinas huge room for growth in the future water purifier market prospects lure people.

   At the same time my country has 450 million households, enterprises and institutions around 2000 to 3000 million, and IState huge consumption potential, let the water purifier industry, the rapid growth become possible; while abroad, foreign companies seek to enter the water purifier and the mainland of China home appliances, kitchen cabinets and other industry giants have been "diving", the water purifier industry has prompted mainland develop full speed.

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