Water purifier market should chish regulate the development

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   overinvestment not completed a 5% market penetration category, is supposed to be the healthy development of sunrise industries sad or lucky? According to rough statistics, my countrys water purifier brand has reached 5600. Insiders pointed out to the home network, a water purifier market is yet to learn the correct way to go on the industry stalled on the grid. It is understood that in 2016 the water industry market reached 20.3 billion yuan.

   At present, the water industry brand serious chaos, lack of sense of responsibility, product market was mixed, false propaganda exaggerating the effect, outrageous prices, good and bad quality, service lag, the market concentration completely discrete state. With the water industrys first mandatory standard GB 34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" was recently released, since November 1, 2018 will be formally implemented. In addition, "Standardization Law" will be implemented on January 1 next year. The new compulsory subject baked means that the state will regulate the production of water purification market constraints Forced water purification technology to eliminate shoddy, innovation, ease market chaos, which is the protection of consumers.

   There are research data show that in Europe and other developed countries, household water purifier penetration up to 90%. But in my country, the countrys overall penetration rate of home water purifier less than 5%, the rural market is almost empty frequently came to sell water purifier fraud. The industry believes that, although the water purifier market is huge, but the real blue ocean in urban and rural markets, do not let speculators who ruined it.

   In general, city tap water is disinfected by chlorine after purification and other procedures enter every household, while the vast majority of domestic water pollution is more serious in rural areas, water environment is more complex, and more needs of the popularity of water purification products. Bare, exposed some of the reservoirs, more "bear children" according to the author observed in rural areas under water summer leisure reservoir, water plant from time to time using a "bleach" precipitate impurities in the water, but the water inside the tubes have been rusty, secondary pollution, flows out of the water as "lime", the home water use more ways to boil water, they can only kill some bacteria in the water. Many types of pollutants in our environment, water pollutants only surface water environmental quality standards involved reached 109, but the actual types of pollutants may reach hundreds.

   The purpose is to restore the original clean water contaminated water, but the current water purifier market has the name of "Beauty"" Cancer "and other magic to confuse consumers. In addition to water pollution will be time, some of the harmful substances in water will be absorbed into the body and breathing, bath, brush your teeth, wash your face by drinking the body through the skin, may suffer water pollution, but to rely on family water purification way only "cure" approach, the key lies in prevention and protection of water sources, the water pipe network for regular maintenance and conservation of rural sewage treatment plant spread, strict regulation of polluting industries and protect the residents safe and healthy drinking water, while in rural areas should also enhance environmental education and business co-guardian of the national sewage treatment water purification water purification industrial ecology is an opportunity to expand demand, although companies are profit-driven, but the merits of water quality for the user is able to detect the only real cause of clean water for the sake of the safety of consumers and businesses in more than 5,000 brands to stand out in the

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