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   The annual water purification industry annual feast, the upcoming June 2019 3-5 horn sounded at the Shanghai National Convention Center.

   2018 appliance industry growth rate of decline in the face of pressure, coupled with the macroeconomic impact of the down real estate, home water purifier market growth is also under some pressure. But under the influence of consumption upgrade, the real estate policy fine decoration, household water purifier market in 2019 is still expected to show a rising trend in heavy volume.

   home water purifier market bear with the end of clean water, whole house water purification two blocks, both of which are facing varying degrees of challenge, and there are still some potential opportunities, how to seize opportunities, to achieve in 2019 Breakout is a question worth considering. The annual Shanghai International Water Exhibition, is the field of water purification companies competing against the stage, but also to determine the industrys benchmark.

   by the Netherlands Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Center, China Environment Federation, China Membrane Industry Association, the Haihe Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly organized the Twelfth Shanghai International Water Exhibition, the upcoming June 3, 2019 - 5 at the Shanghai Hongqiao national Exhibition Center (Shanghai).



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   ultra-large-scale industrial development help clean water

   Shanghai International Water Show is within range ultra-large-scale purification of the end product platform, as the water purification industrys annual gluttonous feast, Shanghai international Exhibition of water sitting on 250,000 square meters of exhibition space, subdivided six themed areas, not only in 2018 attracted more than 72 countries and regions, nearly 100,000 visitors and more brought together 3,400 exhibitors over 23 countries and regions.

   With increasing environmental pollution, water purification domestic market from the 1980s has drawn attention to the market, domestic brands have over 3000. Of course, the current protection of domestic municipal water security is also rising, but still can not avoid the end of the water contamination. People on the quality of life requirements, more and more attention in terms of drinking water, but also to the rapid development of the water industry has an opportunity.

   Shanghai International Water Exhibition, as we provide a good opportunity to release new products. By Water Show, there are between enterprises access to many peers, can see more and more domestic brands in the rapid development, feel the pressure of competitionBut also can inspire us continue to make breakthroughs, and Shanghai International Water Exhibition to promote the industry to better development together.

   With Shanghai International Water Show this platform, bigger and stronger Chinas water purification industry, promote the integrated development of water purification industry, promoting social and economic development of high-quality green, exhibitors of every companys wish.

   with the new mainstream platform with the next

   2019 Shanghai International Exhibition of Water purification mainstream business as an end table shows the exchange of a total exhibition industry, exhibitors this year than in 2018, more and more popular Wang, brings together outstanding companies from 23 countries and regions, Pentair, Philips, liters, clean water source, AO Smith, United States, ho Chak, open to the east profit, profit Faso, Sen music, Kang Li roots, Benro Ken, Chennai solid, Amy special, industrial north China and Thailand, United States and Seoul Pu, minimalist, Kainaidike, Abbott, blue floating Seoul, A Kuiang, Mitsubishi chemical, Kellogg disabilities, Yimeite, water sharing, Kaer Rui, Xu Xing and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises sub-sector will be on the same stage stunning, new technologies, new products, at a glance.

   water purification enterprises to join together to increase outreach efforts to the development of water purification products, water purification industry push forward at home and abroad, the Shanghai International Water Fair have been held for the purpose of the 11th. From the development trend of household water purifiers for now, consumers are not satisfied with the basic water purification equipment purification, to achieve high-end, reverse osmosis technology, high-volume, more intelligent products to solve customer pain points of growth significantly, product upgrade is imperative. Twelfth Shanghai International Exhibition water, high-end intelligent product display, will become another highlight.

   At the same time, the current Shanghai International Water Exhibition will be through international cooperation with a number of innovative technologies in the water sector agencies, industry associations and the media, launched nearly one hundred forums and activities, so that the audience can and industry experts and elite counterparts face to face at close range, in-depth understanding of national projects and classic hot technology applications. And the opportunity to advance to grasp new concepts and new technology industry value, thereby providing a boost for business cooperation and career development. Wonderful day dry goods share, worth every industry insiders expect!

   ecological comfortable home integration model room leading home a new wave

   In recent years, the trend intensified ecological comfortable home, as an important part of the eco-home, clean water and clean air are also increasingly play the greater the value and influence.

   currentShanghai International Water Exhibition, the organizers will jointly Taiwan Ling son of well-known designers, the domestic well-known designer Peng Cheng and many other internationally design of large coffee, linkage national brands, on the basis of environmental protection, humane, personalized top, create 3 sets of ecological comfortable home integration model room, showcasing the latest plumbing wind industry well-known brands of complete sets of equipment integrated system solutions.

   will attract decoration designers, real estate project owners and distributors and other new areas of audiences visit the exhibition site visit focused experience while large foreign designer coffee scene commencement speech, to share innovative ideas, highly recommended brand for everyone idea presented a fantastic feast collision.

   Shanghai International Exhibition of water through its large-scale, high-quality, internationalization, innovation, pierce the relationship between business and government, enterprises and users, business and enterprise, the entire water purification industry policy , technology, markets, finance, business are dancing on this platform. "Larger, more professional, more character," the international water exhibition, anticipated industry professionals.


   Pre-registration hot in the show, concerned about the "Shanghai International Water Exhibition" micro-channel public number register pre-registration, eliminating the need for queuing trouble spot, the show also receive a custom commemorative gifts copies.

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