Seoul love good water purifier Huangshan stores grd opening

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   After several intense ten days to prepare for, love good Seoul stores water purifier Huangshan preliminary work is nearing completion. Seoul love good water purifier Huangshan store will be at 8:08 on August 8, 2017 grand opening, move the activities benefit the whole city, once again witness the love Guy waters brand influence.

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   Anhui Huangshan Cheng Heng Zheng total by a wide range of understanding and field trips, the successful signing of love Guy water purifier brand, water purifier Seoul love good prospects in the development status and comprehensive understanding, considered according to their location, the agent decided to love Guy water purifier. Zheng said: love Guy is focused only water purifier brand companies, and has fifteen years of industry experience, I will be based on product type and model of the latest manufacturers to develop their own water purifier store channel .

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   In the eve of the opening of new stores, in order to promote brand awareness love Guy water purifiers among the people, and the total Zheng and other staff extensive preparations. For example, through leaflets, posters, public micro-channel number, etc. The promotional activities spread out. The opening scene will be "experimental demonstration of water purification product water + site" link. For customers to watch the complimentary drink love Guy water purifier filter out of the water, and to explain the customer presentations filter, so that customers experience the product or commodity close contact, more intimate feel water purifiers bring convenience and health, let Seoul love good clean water and consumer truly "zero distance"!

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   love good Seoul Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. has an area of 鈥嬧€?5,000 square meters of new modern plant and a hundred thousand clean production workshop, is a collection development, production, marketing, sale and integration of high-tech enterprise, from core components of membrane water purifier, pump machine to produce independent research and development are completed, these are brand strength performance. In the domestic water purification technology has been a leader.

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