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  Why China water purifier penetration is not high up Author: Tim net water purification Views: 549 Published: 2016-11-11 9:57:49 poor quality of drinking water has led to 80 percent of the worlds disease and 50% of children mortality rate. In Europe, water purifier penetration is very high ratio of more than seven or eight percent. In China, water purifier has low penetration scary, is what causes the low penetration rate of water purifier it? 涓轰粈涔堝湪涓浗鍑€姘村櫒鏅強鐜囬珮涓嶈捣鏉? /> 1. drinking habits difference a few developed countries in Europe and America for centuries the habit of drinking unboiled water directly while the Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. Market research found that customers come you give him a glass of purified water, basically less likely to drink, for the simple reason that you do not trust the water, if it is a cup of bottled water or tap water Shao open or a cup tea, then it would be no problem. 2. While the confused consumer awareness, more and more people are concerned about water purification equipment, but on the whole, people on overall consumer awareness of water purification products is still fuzzy cognitive stage. The current water purifier market situation there is consumer demand but none can really meet the requirements. 3. The water purification technology is relatively backward, although our water purifier manufacturers has exceeded 3000, but most of the technical development of enterprises is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capability to fully master the core technology of manufacturing enterprises too little. And Bottled Water Development For decades, the technology is mature, reliable health security, public trust, is the solution of choice for safe drinking, water purifier market share for domestic manufacturers to catch up. 4. markets a wide variety of products to choose a suitable water purifier is not easy to promote a variety of businesses,

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