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Water is the source of life, and the water survival of mankind plays a major role. People need to drink water every day to maintain bodily functions correctly, but in everyday life, many people drinking there are many misunderstandings, health lay hidden. The following small series just like a look at it.





   Drinking misunderstanding: Bottled water convenient health

water tub accommodating barrel is repeatedly recycled , over time, it can easily lead to fungal infections. Those who are not regular manufacturers of products, hygiene more difficult to guarantee. Drinking fountains in the water due to repeated boiling, heat, likely to cause mineral deposits, also affect health.



   Drinking Water Myth: Drink plenty of water to quench their thirst is

It is usually considered thirsty to drink water, thirsty do not add water. Survey shows that when people drink water often overlooked nutrition and health claims. The drinking water can make the bodys cells to drink enough water, promote metabolism, improve their resistance and immunity. In addition, drinking water also diluted protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, salts and other nutrients in the body, with a human body to facilitate absorption.



   Drinking Water Myth: The higher the mineral content of the water the better

Many people put mineral water as drinking water daily lives. But some people have sided emphasis on the mineral content in the water that the mineral content the higher the better. In actual fact, when the mineral content in water exceeded, it will endanger human health, cause iodine poisoning. Therefore, drinking water should contain the right amount and balance of minerals.



   Drinking Water Myth: Drink equal to drinking water

survey shows that many young people like to drink as the drinking water. The current market a lot of "health drink" contains sugar, food coloring and food additives, although there is no clear studies show that harmful, but water and drinks are not functionally equivalent. As the drinks contain sugar and protein, but also add a lot of flavor and color, not an easy one to hunger after drinking. Therefore, not only would not achieve the role of the body to "pay", but also reduces appetite, affect digestion and absorptionIncome.



   Myth: iced water clean

binge drinking iced water is an important incentive for many patients the incidence of intestinal diarrhea. Drinking unboiled water diarrhea is common sense, can be for iced water, there are many people misunderstanding, many people even think that cold is a good method of disinfection. In actual fact, at 0 to 4 degrees Celsius cold environment, bacteria can still breed, can not guarantee health. From a medical point of view, summer, human gastric acid secretion is relatively small, drink a lot of iced water, cold beer would further dilute the acid, resulting in intestinal disorders, which will bring many related diseases.

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