20,000 water purifier complimentary, medical staff enjoy mor

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  20,000 water purifier complimentary, medical staff enjoy more benefits publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2020-05-14 "a difficult one, P Plus support novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic affecting the heart of the community. every age has different "hero", at this moment, fighting in the front line to save lives, the difficulties of health care workers is the great hero in this epidemic, there are a number of hydrotechnic infected, February 6 continued Beijing hydrotechnic day after being infected, Guangxi Liuzhou water supply master infected again! this time fully reflects the importance and safety of household water purifiers. Walter company therefore decided to make modest force to free the country residents .! Get 20,000 Walter purifier, practical action to fight the epidemic of national power more health care workers with valid credentials multiple manners waiting for you to come and collect (excluding installation cost and freight) activity one: this company the model is presented twice Walter model V-11 ultrafiltration unit, airplane ABS material, small volume integrated models, very useful for space, five filter element, with reference to the specific machine parameters Walter Lynx official shop! Get a limited edition 20,000 residents in the country. just be borne 258 yuan / Taiwan installation fee, courier, parts costs. regular public medical staff after the machine is installed enjoy with valid documents of Walter, Germany state express, ants technicians and other co-subsidy 258 yuan / Taiwan (subsidy application deadline May 14) activity two: luxury smart water Purifier RO-002, the national limit of 500 inhabitants activity .RO-002 models retail price 3980 yuan / Taiwan, are warm price 998 yuan / Taiwan, include installation, delivery, accessories and other expenses. regular public medical staff after the machine is installed enjoy with valid documents from the Walter Nadu express, technicians and other ants co-subsidy payments 258 yuan / Taiwan (application deadline for subsidies on the 14th May) time: March 2020 No. 18--6 May 18 tips: non-product quality problems return from the freight borne by the user for more information : Learn more by adding a micro-channel customer service voter0106, or call 400 telephone appointment official installation process: focus on scanning Walter Fanger Wei code number of official public service center 鈻?鈻?click click select model 鈻?installed capacity reservation fill in the information submitted by 鈻?money paid reservation

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