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Antibiotics are one of the twentieth century, mankinds greatest invention, is a milestone in the history of human struggle with the bacteria. Antibiotics can be selectively applied to particular aspects of bacterial cells DNA, RNA and protein synthesis systems, interference metabolism of the cells, or to interfere with the life activity stop growing. But also effectively impede bacterial cell wall synthesis, leading to bacterial death inflated and burst in hypotonic environment. Also bacterial cell membrane, so that useful substances inside the bacterial cell leakage or loss of electrolyte balance and died.


major antibiotic used in medical terms, treat most of the bacteria, microbes rickettsia, mycoplasma, chlamydia, spirochetes and other infectious diseases caused. Certain antibiotics also has antitumor activity for the chemical treatment of tumors. Antibiotics no effect on viral disease agent, prion, etc. caused.


in accordance with antibiotics sugar derivatives, polypeptide antibiotics, polyene antibiotics, macrolide antibiotics, tetracyclic antibiotics, purines antibiotics classification.


principles of antibiotic use


1, who may or may not belong to the relationship not possible, and in addition to considering the antibacterial effect of antibiotics targeted, but also must have the adverse reactions and efficacy.


2, the cause is not clear should not be treated with antibiotics, because often the bacteria after antibiotic use not check out, atypical clinical manifestations, clinical diagnosis influence, unless serious illness in high-risk and highly suspected bacterial infection .


3, or viral disease is estimated to be a viral infection without antibiotics no effect on a variety of viral infections, in addition to affirmative bacterial infection, in general, do not use antibiotics.


4, skin, mucous membranes avoid topical antibiotics because of the ease and result in allergic reactions after use of resistant bacteria.


as humanitys greatest invention, the antibiotic everyone from very close, rational use and understand the relevant knowledge, can make people more healthy life. Water easily


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