Suning appliance market sales season will further deep water

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   National Day double eleven successive home appliances market once again usher in the season. It is noteworthy that, in addition to refrigerators, TV sets and other traditional strong sales of large appliances, water purifiers, air purifiers and other home appliances have become the main health features a new growth point of this years two-eleven. Because close to life and health, quickly captured the public eye, as consumers race to buy the "explosive materials."

   is a great purifier health industry, has one hundred billion market prospects. According to World Health Organization survey shows that 80% of human diseases related to water, healthy drinking water has become one of the worlds leading cause of the disease. Watch water purifiers because of pain points, which will help consumers to become healthy "times just to be" water purification industry is growing. Orville cloud network data show that only in January-September 2017, total sales of water purifiers to more than 16.7 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 24.1%.

   Reporters learned that, as the largest home appliance retail channels, as early as 2014, Suning began to layout the water industry, in the year of China Cooperation Forum and innovative products Suning crowdsourcing conference, Suning underwriting agents Whirlpool Water purifier strong landing in China, the domestic market caused a whirlwind; May 26, 2016, Suning start the empty net, water purification health appliances section, 100,000 water purification throws 90-day free trial for Nonprofits, off the market; March 2017 World water day on the 22nd day, Suning re-launched 500 Smith water purifier 400C5 trial 90 days and can be no reason to return refund concessions to win a reputation; Suning also a year of 418,618,818 and O2O Shopping Festival to promote large node, online and offline channels to launch full promotions clean water, clean water and gradually the concept enjoys popular support, access to many consumers trust.

   According to Su Ning big data show that from January to October 2017, Suning water purifier sales growth to exceed 50% greater throughput without barrels accounting for nearly 65%, reverse osmosis water purification technology more popular with consumers .

   during the shopping festival this year 818, the Big V group Suning easy to buy water purifier became beautiful scenery line; October 16, Suning O2O Shopping Festival press conference on the release of more signal, Suning will further deep plowing net water markets. In addition to the consumer benefits of polyethylene, Suning also take advantage of its strengths and wire O2O large data accumulate, and constantly open arms to the major brands of water purification. Midea, Haier, Angel, Patio, A.O. Smith, 3M and other major brands have to get together Suning starting new products, heldWater purification activities and Suning to create exclusive customized products. According to incomplete statistics, from January to October 2017, published in the new ultra-clean water Suning nine, organized a series of activities over 60 fields of water purification, water purification each brand actually enjoy the open Suning dividends, and these dividends ultimately benefit consumers through the brands product development and other aspects, forming a virtuous circle.

   to buy water purifier in Suning, Suning also reflects the layout in terms of water purification category expansion. Last year in the field of water purification, Suning launched the 2000 free filter change places in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other cities, free of charge to 10,000 families nationwide to detect water quality Suning purchase and enjoy 20% discount; also 818 stores nationwide the establishment of free water points, while the open water channel specifically for the sanitation workers; customers to buy a water purifier installed one can enjoy the service delivery.

   Reporters learned that, at a time Suning O2O Shopping Festival, Suning in traditional full cut, straight down, buy gifts and other preferential basis, also introduced hedging, buying, marketing and other forms of spike. November 1 to November 12, Suning launched a water purifier water purifier category 88 yuan purchase, free single, buy a water purifier send dishwashers and other promotions. And with consumer concern about the brand, products, technology, product quality and appearance of continuous improvement, dual channel many more joint Suning and other consumer trust AO Smith water purifier brand, the use of online and offline, through online and interactive live , the line test, on-site experience and science in the form of small activities, so that consumers understand the immersive water purification products, optimize the shopping experience.

   Source: HC purification network

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