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  Core Tip: At present, the main technology comes from RO reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane two kinds. Water purifier which can effectively filter the water rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other chemical pesticides

   At present, technology and the RO membrane from two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. Chemical agents can effectively filter the water purifier rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides. Can effectively remove impurities bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals in water. Application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water, making the phenomenon of "acclimatization" will soon be history, effectively solve the endemic disease in many places due to groundwater caused by excessive harmful substances.

   Recently a lot of efforts to promote water purification products, so a lot of friends are asking me to be at home in the end do not need to install water purifiers, here I briefly explain the role of water purifier, after reading then decide whether to install water purifiers.

  , also known as water purification water purification, water purifiers, water is by the use of the depth filter on the water quality, the water purification device processing. Usually talk water purifier, generally refers to a small cleaner for use as a home.

   which is a core technology of the filtration membrane filter apparatus, the main and the RO membrane technology from two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. Chemical agents can effectively filter the water purifier rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides. Can effectively remove impurities bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals in water. Application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water, making the phenomenon of "acclimatization" will soon be history, effectively solve the endemic disease in many places due to groundwater caused by excessive harmful substances.


   more common now available (effective) water purifier has the following processing stages

   First stage: Microfiltration: Microfiltration removal of various water visible product / dust and impurities. These particulate materials from aging pipes, rust, etc. roof tank secondary pollution.

   Second stage: Carbon compression: Compression carbon to remove chlorine and organic impurities, such as hazardous pesticides. It can absorb water to produce organic odor, color and odor, water disinfection by-products derived from these substances.

   Third stage: membrane: membrane is capable of removing bacteria, viruses and spores in water and other substances.

   Fourth stage: filter life indicator: the inner gear apparatus design, with the water through, such that rotation of the gear on the inside of an axial movement, until the outlet blocked, water can not pass, and It is to calculate the total amount of water through the water purifier designed by stroke, so as to ensure the water is safe.

   Most water purifier is the use of the principle of progressive resistive screen filter structure embodiment, the multi-stage filter from end to end in series, high precision filter arranged in order from low to high in order to achieve a multi-stage filter trapped dirt assessed material, thus reducing filter blockage and sewage artificial, extended cycle times, and washable filter replacement. There is also a new design idea is to use mass flow principle self-cleaning mode architecture, its design idea is no longer to provide as much space for hiding dirt pollutant, but take sub-quality principle, a small isolated part of the clean water, at the same time as usual as far as possible the flow of raw water flow together with the water quality of the sewage were taken away in time, to achieve water does not rot. This will not only give the purified water, but does not readily precipitate or dirt in the machine, to avoid the formation of secondary pollution and greatly reduce the loss of the filter, better quality and more secure low-carbon and energy saving. This new principle of self-cleaning water filter to obtain gold Seventh International Exhibition invention, as a structure into two, which improves the disadvantages of the conventional structure into a water purifier because an impurity concentration of the raw water results in the machine the higher the final product water becomes, therefore self-cleaning water filter no concept of sewage and sewage purifier replaced by washing water. With the improvement of living standards, the popularity of water purifier will become an increasingly widespread, new technology products is to better meet peoples needs.


   Household water purification according to the water quality which in turn can be divided into the following categories

   1. Softening

   refers to hard water (mainly calcium water magnesium ions) remove or reduce to a certain extent. Water softening process, only soften water and can not improve the water quality.

   2. distillation

   refers to boiling water, steam is then collected, allowed to cool and condense it. Distilled water is extremely safe drinking water, but there are some issues to be further explored. Since distilled water does not contain minerals, which became the reason for opponents who made life easy aging. Further distillation using a high cost, energy consumption, water can not remove volatiles.

   3. Boiling

   refers to a self-After boiling tap water for drinking, it is an ancient method commonly applied in the country. Boiling water can kill bacteria, but some chemicals and heavy metals can not be removed, even if its content is very low, it is still not safe to drink.

   4. Magnetization

   refers to a magnetization process by a magnetic field effect of treated water, called water. Process of magnetic treatment of water is in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field lines through the magnet, i.e., the magnetization process to complete the process. China magnetic treatment of the water is still in its infancy practice and research, foreign water purifier does not require magnetization function, because magnetized water outside the scope of clean water, but belongs to medical problems.

   5. Mineralization method

   refers to again add water purification on the basis of minerals beneficial to human body (e.g., calcium, zinc, strontium and other elements). By adding a commercial water purifier general medical stone in water purifier to achieve the purpose of mineralization, but the Ministry of Health has explicitly pointed out: "wading products may not promote any health functions."

   6. ozone, ultraviolet disinfection

   These aspects can only be sterilization, can not afford to remove the water of heavy metals and chemicals that kill bacteria through the bodies remain in the water, and to become pyrogenic .

   7. Activated carbon adsorption

   can be divided into the following three forms

   7.1, granular activated carbon is more common, the use of wood, coal, nut shell (core) or the like containing method as carbon material activated by chemical or physical. It has a lot of micropores and surface area, which has a strong adsorption capacity, effective absorption of organic contaminants in water. Also during the activation, the activated carbon surface is non-crystalline portion is formed of some oxygen functional groups, these groups make the activated carbon has a chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation, reduction performance, can effectively remove some of the metal ions in the water.

   7.2, activated carbon and activated carbon infiltration silver silver together, not only the adsorption of organic pollutants in water, also has a bactericidal effect, and the growth of bacteria in the activated carbon will not solve the water purifier sometimes nitrite with high tolerance of water purification problems. When the water seepage through activated silver, silver ions will gradually be released, play the role of disinfection. Since the activated carbon in removing small water purifier color, bromine, chlorine, iron, arsenic, mercury, cyanides, phenols and the like having a good effect, more than 90% of sterilization effect, so it is appliedVessel.

   7.3, a new adsorbent material is activated carbon fiber formed organic activated carbon fibers treated with a well developed porous structure, huge surface area, and numerous functional groups. Foreign countries in adopting fiber activated carbon solvent recovery, gas purification, etc., have made remarkable achievements; also done a lot of research in water treatment applications.

   8.RO a reverse osmosis membrane

   RO is a reverse osmosis by reverse osmosis and other international popular way, without any compound added to the raw water after the filtration treatment (physical method) to produce pure water machine for direct human drinking (also called a terminal water purification equipment). Using water meets municipal tap Chinese Ministry of Healths "drinking water health standards" (2001) for the raw water, raw water pre through two activated carbon filters (1 granular activated carbon, a sintered activated carbon) a PPF meltblown filter filtered, and pressure is applied to the pre-filtered water is passed through a ten thousandth micron pore size RO (reverse osmosis, English Reverse osmosis) membrane, made by the last of husk (coconut shell) of silver on activated carbon (also known as small T33) adjusting the pH of the water (pure water so that the system becomes sweet taste mellow) produced the pure water.

   RO reverse osmosis water purification mechanism out of the pure water relative to bottled water fresher, more health, more security, its very versatile: you can drink, you can also boil drinking, most in this regard prominent feature is the electric kettle or a thermos bottle never furring; pure water for cooking, more health, more palatable; with pure water bath, can remove impurities on the skin, moisturize skin, creating a natural effect of beauty; It can be provided to the humidifier, steam iron, beauty instrument and other small appliances needed water, and never annoying scale will appear; use the ice machine supporting, made of crystal clear ice, without any odor.

   reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis is the original REVERSE OSMOSIS, it is a collection of NASA scientists of many countries, in support of the government spend billions of dollars, made after years of research. Applying the principle of reverse osmosis is greater than the natural osmotic pressure of the raw water side, reverse osmosis water molecules by the high concentration of low concentration of one to one. Since the pore size much smaller than the several hundred or even a thousand times or more viruses and bacteria, so a variety of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid solubles, Organic pollution, calcium and magnesium ions can not pass reverse osmosis membrane, so as to achieve the purpose of purification water softening.

   9. Microfilter

   microfiltration method is a microporous membrane of cellulose or polymer materials, the use of uniform pore size which is trapped water to the fine particles, bacteria, colloids, etc., so as not to be removed by the filter. This microporous membrane filtration technique, also known as granulocytes density filter, capable of filtering micron or nanoscale particles and bacteria.

   10 Ultrafiltration

   Ultrafiltration principle: Ultrafiltration is a separation technique plus film, i.e., at a certain pressure, so that the solvent and small solutes through a certain aperture special film, leaving the impermeable solute molecules, remain in the side of the membrane, so that the macromolecules has been purified fraction. Ultrafiltration principle is the principle of membrane separation process. Less than 0.01 micron microporous ultrafiltration, can completely filter out bacteria in the water, rust, colloids and other harmful substances, trace elements and minerals to keep the original water.

   membrane: is a consistent, reproducible pore size, the pore diameter range 0.001 to 0.02 micron rated microporous filter membrane. Depending ultrafiltration membrane material into an inorganic film and an organic film, an inorganic film mainly ceramic membrane and the metal film. The organic film is mainly made of a polymer material, such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polyethersulfone (PES), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyacrylonitrile (PAN), polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) and so on. For example liters of water purification using an alloy film is PVC, the advantage of such films is good hydrophilicity, high corrosion resistance and punching accuracy and the like.

   UF water purifier: UF water purification system both completely out of the water filter out bacteria in the water, rust, colloids and other harmful substances, and to retain the original trace elements and minerals in water , complement our daily needs. Such water than both safe drinking water, health off than pure water, can truly meet our daily drinking water needs and to a certain extent.

   11. Compound

   When a process is difficult to remove harmful substances in water, the use of two or more is the complex of two processes. Such as activated carbon adsorption, ultraviolet disinfection, activated carbon adsorption reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption micro filtration (ultrafiltration), fine polypropylene fibers, activated carbon, microfiltration (ultrafiltration) and the like. In the composite type water purifier, purifier water purifier composite membrane technologyExcellent performance, particularly more significant effect in removing microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.), some good quality water purifier water can drink directly, has been welcomed by consumers, it has become the current development of water purifier hot spot.

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