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   appliances business "structural adjustment, war high-end" business transformation, has been explored in the first-line market, the implementation of more than three years. However, from the market and user acceptance point of view, but it is a feather, can hardly be successful.

   over the past year and more, many appliance dealers in the ring platform to communicate with home appliances, repeatedly complained about "a lot of home appliances business, and even agents have let us push high-end, sell high-end, our hearts also clear that there are high-end profits, but many high-end products are hanging sheeps head and sell dog meat, consumers do not buy it, the market also no longer marketable. "



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   fought side is determined to manufacturers of high-end foot, into a large, multi-action; the other side is the business in the end markets fall slow, difficult to promote, so do not pull its weight; so, in the past few years a number of household electrical appliance enterprises fought in the high-end market, to promote the product mix upgrade iteration, to seize the high-quality, high-level, high-end consumer groups in the process , in the end suffered what resistance and frustration?

   with a number of household electrical appliance enterprises, as well as home appliances business communication process, home appliances circle found that currently exists in the high-end market in the course of the campaign, the prevalence of the three major home appliances business problems: First, the strategy, thunder, little rain, lack of sustained investment in the market; the second is, on strategy, marketing open, the product pad, users experience a sense of difference; the third is on the system, eager to grab high profits, ignoring the high-end value; [123 ]

   one problem: the investment is not sustained structural adjustment

   in fact, for many household appliances enterprises, the transformation of the high-end market is very urgent strategic task, is also important. Related to the entire appliance industry landing from a strategic victory quantity to quality and winning. Although, over the past three years, we have heard too many household electrical appliance enterprises, transformation and upgrading of product structure in the target process, the direction and the slogan, hegemony high-end, high-end king, redefine the high-end, etc., but the overall investment and not a sustained matching, thunder, little rain remain serious problems.

   In actual operation, home appliances circle learned that many household electrical appliance enterprises for investment in product innovation, presents "wave", "cyclical", encountered the performance of enterprises and lower prices, investment will be reduced Wait. Meanwhile, during the construction of the overall R & D system and platform, in addition to large amounts of funds for personnel, equipment and platforms builtSet up, need continuous training and pay, often require one or two years or even longer, will not have a significant breakthrough product innovation. Many companies, always want to put thirty million early in the second half will be able to have the results immediately available in the market, "one shot" to make 3 million.

   Of course, for some manufacturers, it also faces one of the most serious challenges: innovation funds that household electrical appliance enterprises into a single source, there is no venture capital, more from selling products of Taiwan and Taiwan meager profit. Once the market outlook is not good, declining sales, revenue and profit enterprises be involved, it is difficult to ensure the continuity and stability invested in technological innovation.

   Question two: focus on business development products

   In recent years, many household electrical appliance enterprises in the new conference, new product launches, began to increase, gradually become a new wave. However, these new products to market under the banner of the name of the conference, eventually become investment, fight money business, Yahuo will. This reaction from one side of the reality of the plight of household electrical appliance enterprises to adjust the structure of the product: the so-called structural adjustment of products, and eventually all fell to the transfer market profits. Excessive in business as the center, to promote the upgrading of product structure, delivery price retail price rise; it ignores user-centric, real detonate and lead a group of consumer trends and trends.

   household electrical appliance enterprises to adjust the structure of the product core objective is certainly to meet the market changes and the needs of businesses operating profits. However, the premise is to attract more user acceptance and trust, rather than to meet the needs of businesses operating profit. So, which requires household electrical appliance enterprises want more resources and effort, on pain point for users of the product, such as a tipping point of surprise, rather than marketing, service and value instead of the product position in the eyes of users.

   At present many new high-end home appliances business, often so that consumers will remember not the technical differences between the highlights and features, but the price explosion point and a point on the marketing concept of speculation. In fact, the "good product will run away" has long been a goal pursued by various manufacturers, but not to force the product allows many manufacturers lost face. Some new appliances d mostly specious, it is difficult to attract the market and the users identity in the market, "short-lived" not surprising.

   always think of this high-end products, businesses can have a number of profit margins, manufacturers have the number of sources of profit, without thinking whether the user is recognized and accepted this type of product. In this way, it isMulti household electrical appliance enterprises in the high-end products "were praised," also normal.

   Question three: anxious to snatch the high-profit

   high-end market, high-end consumer groups, the reason quickly attracted many appliance manufacturers recognized and sought after in recent years, the key is hidden behind the high profit margins. Over the past few years, side too, Casa Imperial, Beverly, as well as Sony, Siemens, Samsung and other foreign brands, the harvest in the high-end market full of so many home appliance manufacturers into a "jealousy envy hate" in.

   However, many local appliance manufacturers in the process of transition in the high-end, high-margin seen only selectively, but they ignore the high risk, high investment, and long-term issues such as sex behind. For example, in recent years, Chinas home appliance market, there were many "high retail price" appliances, but failed to detonate rapidly in the first-line market. The reason is that these so-called high-end appliances typical of "pseudo-high-end", but with the high price, and did not complete the appropriate high-tech, high service, and value-added brand identity.

   For example, millet brand, its positioning is the "cost": cheap quality is also good. However, if you let the phone millet Apple introduced a product the same price, although there will be "rice" patronizing, but not enough to form rushed to buy even out of stock situation in the first-line market. The key is because, millet brand does not have the high-end value of identity, lack of high-end brands should have the technology, experience and service. Well, for many "Millet are" on the consumer electronics market, a clear need for reflection, not holding millet brand positioning, selling the price of Apples phone, which is obviously suicidal.

   a large number of high-end home appliance business saw profit and return, but also leave no stone unturned to launch targeting high-end boutique market and new products. However, it ignores the needs of high-end consumer groups is a three-dimensional multi-faceted, not simply the price is more expensive high-end, must have the appropriate product function innovation, points of difference, but also the corresponding service experience and brand value.

   over the past three years, has been clamoring appliances manufacturers new push, push boutique ", but suffered the embarrassment of new business in the first-line market. Now, many manufacturers must address these three problems, solve them!

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