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   There are several recent news about drinking water aroused public concern. A message from "Science and Technology Daily" published, "School of Environment, Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control Associate Professor Chen Chao clearly revealed: the experimental team in the countrys 23 provinces and 44 small cities and towns, a total of 155 points (including water plant, and water household water tap) 164 water samples were collected, from which the detection carcinogens - the NDMA disinfection by-products (NDMA) "

   another message a newspaper reported that Liu, who lives in Beijing Road, Guiyang City after drinking bottled water in the home suddenly felt unwell, and with varying degrees of diarrhea symptoms. After a medical examination suspect, may be no long-term home to drink bottled water deterioration led to a problem.


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   These issues have to pay attention to safe drinking water

   when it comes to "reduce tap water of harmful substances harmful to human health" topic, many experts recommend: First individual Do not drink tap water and home life; advance will be placed into a container of water, such as trihalomethanes and volatile for some time before use.

   question about the shelf life of the bottled drinking water, Master Xu Guiyang related brand bottled water and bottled water staff said, the shelf life of bottled water after the opening of the storage environment have a great relationship, in ordinary circumstances, barrel after the opening filled with water, which is generally left for 10 days exceeded the total number of bacteria is easy. At the same time, drinking fountains health problems can not be ignored, Master Xu said that the area belongs to the dispenser easy to breed bacteria, it is recommended to clean once a month or two, but bottled water or boil drinking best to ensure safety and health.

   Expert Weapon better to install a water purifier

   "How to ensure the safe and reliable drinking water?" Has become a topic of concern to citizens, reporters access to a lot of expert advice, which, Xiamen University and professor of the National University of Singapore, China biofilm technology godfather, blue water expert Dr. Weiguang says, for ordinary people, may wish to take POU, installing a home water purifier most convenient. Blue Dr. Weiguang said the current city of skyscrapers, a considerable proportion of the water supply pipes obsolescence, relevant departments open room is a pipe banned, restricted certain proportion of the pipeline, building secondary pressure cause water retention in the pipeline the longer the time, the higher the degree of secondary pollution, to eliminate the worries, the public may wish to take POU.

   POU have many advantages, such as: water supply, the drinking water and living completely separate, recyclable waste, saving water; tailored binding family live, to the different needs of Families selecting the most suitable device and customized; physical filtration, using a membrane separation technique, safe and efficient removal of bacteria and viruses, retain beneficial minerals and trace elements; means that the drink, drinking water disinfection by circulating transport network, to help you pure water back home, fresh and timely; long life, time investment, long-term benefit, more affordable.


淇濋殰瀹跺眳楗按瀹夊叏 涓嶅瀹夎鍑€姘村櫒

   Optional water purifier filter quality is a key

   How to choose the water purifier is a luxurious. Reporters consulted the staff water purifier, he said, the selection of home water purifier can not just look at price, but also depends on the quality. Water purifier large price differences, some only a few hundred dollars, but some on the yuan. Price is not a problem, to see whether it is effective. So blindly freeloaders is not desirable, but also to focus on cost. On the other hand, the selection of home water purifier filter must understand. Filter is the most important component of the quality of the filter household water purifiers, water purifiers great influence on the results. After purchasing a water purifier and a post-maintenance costs. Water purifier must regularly replace the filter, the filter, the corresponding burden of purchasing high-end brand has become even more severe. The public key is the right product rational consumer can choose according to their actual situation.

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