Water Changsha Dr. wonderful debut exhibition fired the firs

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   March 16, 2018, Dr. standing water national tour exhibition Changsha Huatian Hotel Changsha Hing-wai held a grand, attracting hundreds of field two net, appliances, kitchen and building materials from Changsha and its surrounding cities potential customers. Ms. Dr. Song Xuejiao water, general manager of Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. for the audience interpretation of Dr. water health smart home products and business model, open a new era of health smart home!


   Dr. Song of the total water is doing the smart home health lecture mode

   in this exhibition Changsha Dr. water shows to household water purification products for the core including air purifiers, hydrogen-rich glass, sweeping intelligent dog, quantum shaped cups, skin care machines, waste processors, including the smart home health products, and demonstrates the effect of various methods of operation and functions of the product, subject to the enthusiastic pursuit of the audience. Coupled with Dr. Sheung Shui landing and marketing model of distribution agents vigorously support preferential policies, many more orders at the customer site.


   site Products Highlights of the

   1, field staff use fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine to do fruit and vegetable disinfection experiments, the product can remove the effects of pesticide residues to the field the audience was impressed.


   2, water Changsha Dr. exhibition staff are to explain the function and operation method of the sweeper for the audience, both new smart sweeper sweep drag one, can independently plan cleaning path, a very high degree of intelligence. At the same time this machine also has an automatic return to charging function, endurance ability, a full charge can work up to four hours cleaning the area up to 200 square meters.


   3, Dr. kitchen waste water processor, is known as the "housewife good helper" kitchen artifact, capable of kitchen food waste ground into powder with the water into the to the sewer, people do not bother laborious process leftovers and other kitchen leftovers, environmentally friendly and health.


   Dr. Water 2018 national brand tour to key cities as points, radiation north, northwest, southwest, northeast, east and other regions, greatly enhance brand awareness and influence! Changsha Dr. exhibition is the first stop national tour exhibition of water, the water will be in the next Dr. Jinan, Chengdu, KunmingMing nine provincial capitals and other cities nationwide speaking tour brand. This is another major move Dr water on brand building, brand nationwide tour celebrity endorsements + + high-speed rail / airport trinity of outdoor advertising brand strategy will touch all levels water purifier consumer groups, is bound to reveal the Chinese national water purifier brand new chapter!

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