Redefining the health water - Dulux home to celebraten anniv

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澶у悎褰? src= [China] Shenzhen water purifier net of deepest winter is not cold, warm golden sun on earth, to bring the Shenzhen full of positive energy. January 17, China CDC Bai Xuetao director of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Professor Gan Hua Zhuren day Zhansheng Tsinghua University, Professor Shu is a group of Chinese Army Military Medical University, Prof. Secretary General of China Membrane Industry Association of Professional Committee of Hubei science of water purification ceremony, Beijing director of the Institute of public health Professor Li Fuxing drinking water, water purification Professor Secretary General of China Association Gu long pass more than 10 industry heavyweights expert, more than 30 trade associations and media guests invited to participate in Shenzhen, home water purification Dulux international Low carbon Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen City, organized the "Chinas first water Summit healthy balance" as well as the tenth anniversary of Dulux family Thanksgiving celebration party.

   January 17, 2019, is a worthy Dulux home water purifier water purifier and even the Chinese people, especially people commemorate the day: Eleven years ago today, Shenzhen, home water purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established Dulux , and to become "advocates of healthy drinking water"; today, eleven years later, "Chinas first healthy balance of water Forum" was successfully held, creating a "healthy balance of water" a new era, leading the "golden balanced and healthy drinking water." a new consumer fashion.

   This is a common event in the development of the water industry suppliers. Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control Gan Hua Zhuren day as a guide unit made a warm speech opening for scientific and healthy development of "healthy balance of drinking water" industry raised high expectations and direction. China International Science and Technology Association of Professional Committee of water and air purification, National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, the China Charity totalWill press Charity Association, Guangdong Provincial Association of water purification equipment, Health and Culture Association, Guangdong Province, Longgang District, Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Association, Shenzhen, Ping and leadership Federation (Chamber of Commerce) and other units of the guests as a support unit, was also invited to this visit will be a total development of the industry direction, witnessed the "healthy water new definition of" a new era.

涓浗鍑€姘寸晫娉版枟銆佺熆鐗╄川楗敤姘村法鎿樼帇鍗犵敓鏁欐巿鍙戣〃瀛︽湳鎶ュ憡銆婂畨鍏ㄥ仴搴风殑楗敤姘淬€? src= China water purifier dean, professor of mineral drinking water giant Zhansheng academic report published in "safe and healthy drinking water."


涓浗闄嗗啗鍐涘尰澶у鍏叡鍗敓涓庡啗浜嬮闃插尰瀛﹂櫌鏁欐巿銆佸崥澹爺绌剁敓瀵煎笀鑸掍负缇ゆ暀鎺堝彂琛ㄥ鏈姤鍛娿€婂仴搴烽ギ姘寸殑鍖诲鐮旂┒鍙婂叾鍚ず銆? src= Chinese Army Medical School of Public Health and Preventive military Medical School professor, doctoral tutor Professor Shu is the group published an academic report, "Medical Research and its Implications healthy drinking water."

涓浗鐤剧梾棰勯槻鎺у埗涓績鐜鎵€鎵€闀裤€佺爺绌跺憳銆佸崥澹敓瀵煎笀鐧介洩娑涙暀鎺堝彂琛ㄥ鏈姤鍛娿€婂噣姘村櫒鍦ㄥ仴搴烽槻鎶や腑鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€? src= China disease prevention and control Center environment director, researcher, doctoral tutor Professor Bai Xuetao published academic report "the role of water purifier in the health protection"

姘磋惀鍏诲瀹舵潕澶嶅叴鏁欐巿鍙戣〃瀛︽湳鎶ュ憡銆婃按鏄仴搴蜂箣鏈€? src= water nutritionist Professor Li Fuxing published an academic report "water is the health of the country."


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