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Recently, the network has a red city of Xian big news scraper, because Zaohe smelly water management fraud, making the smelly water sewage discharged into the river each day to reach 80,000 tons, it also allows local people are extremely dissatisfied. We can see that my country Water Pollution how serious the current yes. Living in polluted cities, want to make their drink clean water, prevent illness, to buy water purifier is the only choice.


water purifier in our country, but also from the introduction of the now more than 20 years, the market penetration rate is probably around 5%, with Western countries there is a big gap. The reasons for this are many, on the one hand our late start, has been rapid development in the Chinese market in recent years, water purification agents market opportunities and broad prospects, the face of Chaoyang-new industry, many traders began to traditional household appliances into the water purification industry. About water purifier manufacturers which is good, not just by some of the comments online to determine, water purification agents franchisee must go to the factory inspection, then, what should be investigated to see what the manufacturers to determine water purifier manufacturers do not fly it?


First, look at the team



Korean music has a professional marketing team, in terms of product marketing, brand promotion, the end product sales and other systematic join support policies. In todays rapidly evolving water purification industry, the franchisee support is the most important brand support staff party. Especially for well-trained, strong promotion of talent, is particularly important. In terms of community outreach, buy and other projects, the Korean music across the country have enjoyed a good reputation.


Second, the ability to innovate


China is a vast, water quality vary widely over the country, water purifier franchisees need to have an understanding of water quality in your area is too hard or partial dirty or some heavy metal excessive, so choose the local water purifier.



Korean music around the water vary widely for the establishment of a national water quality samples over 1000 square meters laboratories, and independent building water purification equipment with annual output of 200 million units of clean production workshop, after the 2014 introduction of strategic investment, business is leaps and bounds, and has invested more than 20 million of research and development costs, we have developed a "shared water", "intelligent empty net," "water machine aristocracy", "leading net water "and nearly 30 balance of new products.


Third, look at the policy


Han 0 yuan music is currently implementing policies to join, reducing barriers to entry, for convenience only and more interested in the water purification industry to join the investors. Venture capitalists do business is not easy, water purifiers top ten Korean music products from the point of view of investors, as investors sought to reap greater benefits.


0 yuan to join, mainly to expand the market, help build brand. Water purifier brand Korean music never immediate value, not to make quick money with a high amount of first delivery, Han Yue saw in the long-term interests. Companies to reduce barriers to entry, in order to better expand the brand, to help more venture capitalists to realize their dreams, to facilitate more people healthy drinking water.


Fourth, look at service



Korean music service also insisted on "a commitment, two open, three in place, the four reminders, a five ": an undertaking to regulate professional, safe water. Two open, public show Angel standardized charges; public service record sheet, after the service user sign an opinion to urge the evaluation. Three in place, before the service "Safe Water Testing" and explain in place, service, clean up the site in place, test machine after the service to the user to explain the use of knowledge in place. Four reminders long-term needs without water off when not in use, to remind the machine does not use more than three days, the need to let go of the pressure bucket of water again when re-use, to remind reverse osmosis water machine waste water is a normal phenomenon, remind filter replacement cycle there will be different according to different water quality. Five, handed him a job card, put on a Du sets, equipped with a mattress, comes with a rag, try to drink a glass of safe water. Truly public consumption, and professional services.

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