Which is good glass child drink water with

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   at the time of drinking, the selected cup or more, such as plastic cups, as well as glass, and stainless steel cup, drink plenty of water when it is best to select glass.




cup is marketed in a wide variety of species is relatively wide, including ceramic cups, glasses and stainless steel cup, as well as plastic cups, we have the most contact is glass cup, at the time of purchase of the cup, how to choose, to be able to make their own health drink of water, which is every consumer will be more concerned about a variety of materials cups filled with water after will have different effects, so in the choice of drink, we choose what kind of cup? below please tell you about what a good drink with glass child?


should be the preferred drink cup glass. Do not think that just transparent glass good-looking, in all material cup, glass but the most healthy. During firing the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink or other drinks with a glass without fear of chemicals into the stomach to be drinking, and smooth glass surfaces, easy to clean, and bacteria Beibi dirt is not easy to breed, so people drink water with a glass is the healthiest, safest. In addition, the experts also promote the use of enamel cups, because the enamel cup is the result of the high temperatures of thousands of degrees of sugar made, free of lead and hazardous substances, safe to use.


as we are familiar with plastic cups will be easy to filth, if you choose disposable paper cups will be hidden carcinogens, colorful glass selection is likely to cause metal poisoning, also stainless steel cup to drink water More common, however, is when the stainless steel cup is to be noted, stainless steel cup can only be used for drinking, can not install or coffee milk and juice, which can directly cause an electrolyte imbalance.


visible, use glass in our lives or more, in the choice of the glass when we also need to pay attention, in particular, try to go at least pour some hot when drinking hot water water, then go to the road more hot water, to prevent the glass burst occurs. While the water glass is preferred, however, the selection of glass is to be noted here suggest that if there was glass scratches, or we try not to choose such glasses should be discarded as soon as possible.




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