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   New York Times Square, known as the "crossroads of the world, the worlds first screen", is the worlds most watched commercial core area, is recognized as one of the best window "to attract global attention," the. Recently, this much worldwide attention on the Square big screen, recently ushered in an entrepreneurs debut, he was senior vice president of the United States A.O. Smith Corporation and A.O. Smith (China) Investment Co., Ltd. President Ding Wei.

   In late autumn this year, the 2017 world famous city "of Nanjing Week" into New York. During 10 to "Nanjing face" as the protagonist of urban films, appeared in New York Times Square and Central Station. 10 from various fields, industry, age group, "Nanjing face", starting from New York to convey more temperature, more humane "Nanjing Story" to the world. Among these, Ding Wei is the only representative of an entrepreneur, as a Chinese region at the helm of companies from the United States, on behalf of Nanjing today unveiled the United States, say that it is a wonderful fate, while Ding Wei and representatives of AO Smith Chinese companies, has therefore been worldwide attention.


   overwhelmingly elected the "Nanjing face", passed spirit of the city to the world


"Nanjing face" is the first character to promote the citys public service campaigns to different characters as the protagonist, from different angles, about the temperature, there are stories, there are feelings of Nanjing; by touch, be aware of new ways to make the world aware of the power of the city.


Each of the "Nanjing faces" behind have 2 million network voice vote and support, along with ten characters arrived in New York. Since the launching of this activity, by millions of users attention, from the beginning of the selection, Ding Wei votes will continue to lead, eventually highest number of votes elected "Nanjing face", became one of the representatives of the spirit of the city of Nanjing.


in selected reasons given organizers, wrote:


He is a respected business leader of the Soviet Union,


of the United States a hundred years in Nanjing took root,


to bring people better service with high-quality products.


He is also a cultural communicator,


The foreign advanced management concepts used in this land,


Nanjing retain more talent.


"A lot of people will ask, why then AO Smith will choose Nanjing. Some are based on fate, but more research is still based on a very serious, such as a large number of scientific and technological personnel, sound infrastructure, strong supply chain because quality of life is higher than the cost of living. "this is the impression of the Nanjing AO Smith, it is that they stick to.


"I came to AO Smith Corporation and Nanjing. It turns out that our choice quite successful. I had a contract for three years, did not expect such a to do is two years." This twenty years, Ding Wei changing the title, he led the team to continue to deal with the challenges, rooted in the city of Nanjing and grow up together. "Over the past twenty years, many things have changed, but some things have not changed. Nanjing is the starting point for these things, but its not the end lead us to visit. It is endless road to discovery, infinite future."


rooted in Nanjing 20 set, the achievements of a successful example of transnational corporations


2017 AO Smith brand development is the first 143 years, the first wholly-owned plant in Nanjing 19 years. In 1998, A.O. Smith wholly-owned AO Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd. in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Ding Wei in view, A.O. Smiths first meeting with Nanjing may be coincidental, but later in Nanjing built more factories, as well as the entire R & D center in China, it is the trust of the city.


In 1998, AO Smith in China business setbacks on the occasion, Ding Wei stepped in, AO Smith has become the global strategy of the pioneers of Chinese and Asian markets, just three years to achieve profitability, and led AO Smith Chinese company to achieve performance steadily increased. Although he repeatedly will A.O. Smiths success to "good corporate culture," but to understand the people know, A.O Smiths success today is inseparable from A.O. Smith leaders in China - Ding Wei effort and hard work.


Although multinationals from the United States, but since entering the Chinese market, A.O. Smith did not put an American model simply take over. "In fact, we are in the operation of a new market, everything is new. At present, Chinas products are all A.O. Smith to do research and development to create demand for the Chinese marketnew.


"has just entered China when settled in Nanjing, A.O. Smith noted that the China business is different from North America, the North American product can not be transplanted to China." Ding Wei recalled the scene A.O. Smith first entered China. For example, when the North American water heater is mainly commercial, and domestic Chinese market more, whether it is design, there are many different aspects of technology with North America, which need to develop more targeted products. AO Smith is known for high quality products, and all this with the Ding Wei insisted for nearly 20 years of "command" inseparable, the company held a mass every month, except for special circumstances, and absent from Ding Wei, and requires all department leaders must be involved, since the month of users praise or complain, careful analysis, continuous improvement of product quality.


At the same time, Ding Wei also advanced corporate culture applied to the Chinese market in the past. Since the Sino-US cultural differences, a hundred years enterprise core values 鈥嬧€媓ave difficulty in landing, but Ding Wei to vivid summarized as "four satisfaction" - customer satisfaction, social satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction values, the AO Smith century values 鈥嬧€媡ransplanted, blend with the concept of the value of the Chinese market, among consumers, shareholders, employees, dealers seek the best combination of points, become a strong competitive force in the Chinese market.


"We are very fortunate to have an excellent local Chinese management team, with the growth of Chinese enterprises and progress." AO Smith, chairman and CEO Ajita has commented, "the headquarters of the Chinese team great confidence, we let most people understand the Chinese market to make a decision without having consulted the headquarters of everything. "


today, economic globalization has become a trend. And Ding Wei and his company as early as twenty years ago, in Nanjing, the United States created the company successfully settled precedent, and became one of the few on the Chinese market, the first industry of foreign brands.


original cast technology-driven industry leading brand industry


market is the most fair and impartial verifier. Since entering the Chinese market, A.O. Smith annual sales growth of more than 20%, becoming the last 20 years the most consistent performer in the Chinese market, and only sustained rise in the share of foreign brands.


The monitoring authority PRC., A.O Smith continued growth in the Chinese market sales: sales of the entire water heater market share as high as 27.46 percent, ranking the industry first; water purifier sales market share of 24.79%, also ranked first in the industry. Ding Wei, has become the success behind the numbers "face."


behind this great report card, it is A.O. Smith entered China 20 years to adhere to the values 鈥嬧€媜f management, innovation and R & D depth insight into consumer demand results. Successful value management concept, is one of the core competitiveness A.O. Smith, Ding Wei said that integrity is the cornerstone 143 years, the road to success A.O. Smith, Smith is the foundation of A.O. the future lies.


the industrys leading technology research and development capabilities, to provide a guarantee A.O. Smiths success. Built in global R & D center in Nanjing, there are more than 500 R & D engineers, "We do not seek conceptual art, but we ask every engineer AO Smith, in their own research and development, we must find technical problems in this industry no matter how many years, how much money to spend, as long as able to solve this problem, we will be able to break through the bottleneck of the industry, will be able to bring consumers a new experience. "" others can not we the first to break, original technology developed by original technology to help the industry to open up a path through. "Ding Wei expressed.


in 20 years, A.O. Smith, such as home appliances industry, "artisan", depth insight into consumer demand, really painstaking research and development for innovative boutique Chinese families. Currently, AO Smith has covered electric water heaters, gas water heaters, water purifiers, air purifiers, air-source heat pump water heater, gas stove, Beauty water softeners, water mattresses and other eight categories, become domestic, commercial high-end market recognized industry leaders, fully demonstrated the strength of AO Smith in the Chinese market.

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