Water purifier business, -electricity suppli- urgent need to

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   this year, "Internet +", "electricity supplier" has become the era of hot words, but also indirectly reflects the penetration of these two areas of the enterprise. Now my countrys economic development has entered a new normal, traditional industries facing a transition, we are constantly seeking to break their way. As the home appliance industry, water purification industry sunrise industry, at the time of the marriage of the Internet, is absolutely necessary to create the most suitable platform for their own development, to crack good logistics chain problems.




water purifier business, "electricity supplier" urgent need to break the journey of the logistics chain (Photo from Internet)

   a change [123 consumption patterns ]

   at present, the rapid development of the Internet today, online shopping has become one of the major lifestyle of many consumers, the current rage in the development of electronic business today, water purification industry naturally will not miss "get rich" Opportunity. Although online shopping is the development of the times, but water purification products take the electricity supplier of the road there is a defect, such as a water purifier logistics and distribution problems. Low price is a major attraction of online shopping, Internet sales because no layers of exploitation of the traditional marketing model, low cost of sales, the relative decline in the price of natural lot.

   but the main point is that online shopping more convenient, break time and space constraints, a 24-hour shopping patterns and the National Unicom shopping environment where consumers can buy favorite items anywhere, anytime. At the same time, online shopping is also greatly save consumers time, simply open the web page will be able to tap the rapid consumption, web browsing speed much faster than shopping. And consumers will be able to shop at home, eliminating the need for travel troubles, but also saves travel time.

   Second, the logistics troubled enterprise development

   As we all know, network marketing is the most intractable problems of logistics, the logistics chain will undoubtedly become the throat of the entire network of sales channels. Big-ticket items as water purifiers, water purifiers electricity supplier logistics requirements of exceptionally high, ordinary courier can not provide transportation services water purifier. Although the logistics market to meet the requirements of transport water purifier, many large objects transport vehicles, but due to management irregularities, transport bulky items longstanding "system missing" "chaos management", "high fees", "traffic difficulties" and other issues, greatly restricted the healthy growth of the industry, but also affected the water purifier flourish electricity supplier.

   In the water purifier main transport mainly from mentioning, when the purifier reaches the consumerWhen the city who often require consumers to the logistics market logistics or designated place extraction. This will throw the consumer has a problem ---- how to bring home water purifier, which in turn produce certain transportation costs. Funds for logistics in consumer online shopping is likely to save, then the advantages of online shopping is greatly reduced. If the defect can not be eradicated logistics, water purification industry electronic business model can only be strangled in the cradle. Water purification industry to enter the electricity business time is still shallow, but during which the problems exposed is extremely deadly, logistics issues to be jointly Weapon electric water purifier to solve.

   for the water purifier business, the Internet irresistible trend of the moment, the only electricity supplier development process to find possible problems, and effectively solve in order to win in the intense market competition in the future ideal development of.

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